We pride ourselves on the dedication of our people to deliver high quality services for customers across the country, whether you need to send a parcel to an international destination, or in the UK.

We understand the importance of each parcel and we endeavour to ensure that each and every parcel will arrive on time and in the same condition as despatched. Due to the scale of our operation, most of which is automated, it is very important to ensure that your items are packaged correctly and in accordance with our guidelines.


We know how important it is that your parcel arrives safely and undamaged. Packaging items carefully gets them off to a good start. These reminders may help you:


  • Use a new, rigid box with flaps intact, that is strong enough for your goods - A corrugated fibreboard box with a good quality outer wrapping is best. Sub-standard and damaged cartons can cause problems.

    Wrap each item in the parcel individually - This takes a little longer, but offers better protection because there’s no movement of contents. Place all items within an inner box and wrap them with bubble wrap. When sending items like printers, ink cartridges must be removed from the printer and packaged separately in a manner that cannot contaminate any other item. Contents should be placed in a rigid cardboard box and sealed to prevent the item from falling apart during transit.

  • Seal the parcel well - Seal all open edges of the parcel with a wide plastic or reinforced carton tape on both the top and bottom of your package. Ordinary household adhesive tape isn’t usually strong enough. For heavier items you’ll need a strong outer carton, closed with tape. String around boxes is not suitable as this can get caught and cause damage.


  • Clear and accurate addressing - Make sure all the address information including telephone number and postcode is in the documentation. This should be completed accurately and firmly attached. Please also ensure that the service barcode labels are securely attached to the parcels and clearly visible.


  • Use strong outer packaging - A new and thick walled corrugated cardboard box with a good quality, sturdy packaging paper should be used. The larger the size and weight of an item, the thicker and larger an outer box should be used. Always make sure the cardboard box allows adequate clearance for sufficient internal packaging to be used on the item(s) being sent. A compensation claim for damage of contents will be deemed invalid if the parcel is inadequately packed or if the inner and outer packaging is not retained for verification.


  • Use internal packaging as cushioning - Use adequate cushioning material, and completely fill the box with packaging material, so there is no movement or space inside the box. Make sure your products are not touching the walls of the box, they should be suspended in packaging.


Good internal packaging examples:

  • Bubblewrap

  • Foam sheeting

  • Polystyrene surrounds and ends – minimum for electrical goods

  • Moulded and shaped foam – cosmetic protection onl

  • Cardboard – used as support structures

  • Polystyrene peanuts / chips – eliminating movement of packaged items


Bad examples of packaging:

  • Paper – rolled, scrunched or shredded

  • Polythene bags/bin liners

  • Wood shavings/sawdust


Labelling criteria


  • Addressing and documentation - Always use clear and accurate address labels. Ensure that the full correct postal address and postcode/ zip code is written on your parcel. If you are ever unsure about a UK address, please use the address finder to check the intended recipients address on our website before sending your parcel.


    If available, please provide the phone number, including dial code, of the recipient your parcel. To avoid any delay in transit always make sure that all necessary documentation is fully and accurately completed before sending. Always remember that failure to correctly declare the contents of an international parcel can lead to delay in delivery and excess charges.


  • You can either print the shipping label or email it to yourself or someone else -  Make sure to place a copy of the label inside your box as well, as it always helps in cases of loss to track them down.






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