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Send Heavy Parcel

Finding the best price for sending a heavy parcel is not easy. However, Courierpoint is here with the perfect solution. We have negotiated bulk discounts with the best branded carriers who specialise in moving heavy parcels.

Using our courier quote calculator you can get an instant quote for sending heavy parcels around the UK or to over 200 international destinations. As well as view a wide range of services, we provide information on prices, transit times and other important facts about each option, so you can make an informed choice.


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Cheap Heavy Parcel Delivery

Once we know the size, weight and destinations that you would like to send to, our system will only quote services that can accept the size and weight of your shipment. That way you know that whichever service you select for your domestic or international parcel delivery, it will meet your needs. Services range from accepting individual parcels up to 65 kilos in weight, through to heavy palletised items with a maximum weight of 1000 kg.


How To Send A Heavy Parcel

We can collect heavy parcels from your home, warehouse or office and will always send the appropriate vehicle

  1. Pack or palletise your heavy parcel securely so that it can cope with the transit without incurring damage
  2. Take accurate measurements of your packed heavy parcel, including length, width and height in centimetres
  3. Record an accurate weight for your packed parcel in kilos
  4. Enter the size and weight information into our cost calculator
  5. Select a service and place an order for your collection
  6. Print off your shipping labels and any customs documents
  7. Attach these with a shipping label holder to the parcel. If you do not have one, ask the driver on collection to give you one.
  8. Give your parcel to the collection driver

Top Tip: Once you have printed out the shipping label and attached it on the box, take a photo of the parcel with the label on and with a tape measure showing the sizes measured. Do the same on scales to show the weight. This is to ensure that you have evidence of the size and weight of the parcel sent, that you can use to dispute a carriers record if different dimensions get recorded.


Posting Heavy Parcel

Posting heavy parcels around the UK or internationally is very expensive. However, through Courierpoint you can get huge discounts on the cost of posting items. We have discounted next day delivery services as well as cheap European delivery options. All of which are substantially cheaper than sending heavy parcels over ten kilos with the Royal Mail. We also have the option to use drop off points for additional convenience, if you parcel is under 15 kilos in weight. You also have the option to pay for an upgrade and get next morning delivery for certain delivery areas.


Shipping Heavy Parcels Internationally

Sending heavy parcels around the UK or internationally with Courierpoint is easy. Our European road services can take individual parcels up to 65 kilos in weight or up to 1000 kg, if palletised. Perfect for sending to France, Spain or Germany. These services provide a cheap and cost efficient way to send heavy parcels worldwide. We also offer air freight and sea freight options for moving bulk orders around where our standard parcel services do not meet your requirements. 


What Heavy Items Can I Send?

We have moved thousands of heavy parcels for clients, both domestically and internationally. These have included car parts, luggage  alloy wheels, to computer equipment. However large or heavy your parcel is, just enter details of your requirements in our cost calculator and we are confident that we will have the right service for you.

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