Incorrect address

Incorrect address

Have you ever committed an error when typing your address into an online form? A small typo here or there may sound like a minor issue, but the cost of mailing packages to the wrong address can wipe out an e-commerce company's profits.


If a letter or parcel has an address on it, we authorise our carriers to try to deliver the item to the address mentioned on the label attached to the shipment.

Any changes or corrections can’t be made to the address, or the letter or package, once it is in transit.

You must enter on the web site complete and accurate address information together with contact information including a name and phone number of someone at the delivery address when ordering your shipment. Ensure a Post Code or Zip Code is entered if the destination country has Post Codes or Zip Codes. Please note, except to the some Middle East countries, delivery to a PO Box is not possible as all services offered are signed for.

When you have completed your order you must print out the package labels and attach one securely to each package. Shipping packages with any other package label than the one printed from our web site may result in your package not being delivered or attracting additional charges.

A package could be returned to sender or disposed by the carrier without prior notice if:

  • The address doesn’t exist.

  • The address on the package is incomplete.

  • Incorrect or missing shipping labels or paperwork were not supplied to the driver at the point of collection or given to the drop off shop at the point despatch.

  • The package or letter is refused by the person receiving it.

  • Incorrectly declared goods or prohibited goods are found within the consignment.


The sender may be responsible for return charges depending on the type of package. These charges can vary depending on the import rates of our carriers.

Choosing door-to-door shipping services means that you can order a pick-up from almost anywhere, as long as your place is fairly easy to locate. Any additional information that would help the assigned courier driver to find the right address is appreciated (such as the access code or the name on the doorbell). Before you place an order, check all the details and make sure that your address is correct. It will save you time and troubles afterward.


Our step-by-step guide tells you everything you need to know.


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