Christmas presents

Christmas presents

Christmas is just around the corner and with all the preparation and gifts you have on your list, you will need to do some penny-pinching. You will certainly want to save money on other things such as the shipping services for sending your Christmas presents.

Planning the shipping ahead will ensure that your pockets don’t get empty so fast. Here are some tips on how to ship gifts to arrive on time for the Christmas holiday.

Finding the best courier services for shipping Christmas gifts
Generally, any courier company can ship Christmas gifts abroad. The difference is that some of them get more expensive in the period preceding Christmas. By shipping your Christmas gifts early enough not only you will avoid the inflated prices, but you will also avoid the unpleasant situation when the gifts make it to their destination after Christmas.

Thus, it is not only on the couriers to ensure that your gift arrives just on time, but also on you to take all the necessary cautions.

Understand different types of courier services for shipping Christmas gifts
Couriers certainly have a great deal of work around Christmas time. They generally work extra hours to be able to deliver all the packages. However, regardless of their efforts, the weather can become the Christmas Grinch and things can get out of the couriers’ control.

Understanding the difference between standard shipping services and on time guaranteed services is the first step in setting the right expectations when it comes to delivery times.

Sending Christmas gifts abroad in a short time will push the prices up. Conversely, a shipping service with a longer transit time will be more economical.

How to ship your gifts abroad with Courierpoint
This is very simple. When booking, you will have the option to choose the very next working date for the pick-up of your gifts. All the working dates are open until Christmas, except for holidays in each European country. During these days, courier doesn’t do any collection and deliveries.Our calendar will show you the available dates.

Even though the couriers we work with are doing a great job in keeping up with the high volume of orders they receive these days, delays are deemed to occur. This is why we cannot stress enough the importance of choosing the shipping date in advance, well ahead of Christmas. Get them sent off to ensure that your gifts will be delivered just in time for Christmas.

Ship gifts to arrive on time for holidays
Shipping Christmas gifts might be problematic for one simple reason: delays in delivery. December is ones of the busiest time of the year, where the volume of parcels shipped increases significantly.

Moreover, during this time of the year, many areas in Europe are affected by heavy snow and wind. Weather conditions put a damper on the delivery times. Despite all the courier company’s efforts, backlogs can occur.

We understand how important it is for you to surprise your dear ones. This is why, if you are sending Christmas gifts abroad, it is crucial to check the estimated transit times before you book the service. Add a few more days in order to anticipate the delivery with more precision, in case of bad weather conditions.

Procrastinating is definitely not the way to go when shipping Christmas gifts.

Send multiple parcels in one order
If you will send your Christmas gifts to the same family, it would be better if you place all your presents in one bigger box. Not only it will save you extra costs, but you will also avoid the unpleasant situation when the small parcels are delivered at different times just because they are transported in different vans.

Check what Christmas gifts you are not allowed to ship
We know that many people would love to ship a piece of home to their dear ones abroad. Especially this time of the year. From homemade food products to different local drinks, there are just so many things that you would like your relatives or friends abroad to taste

There are some special courier services which can handle the shipping of such items. But since most of the people turn to standard shipping services (which are also the most affordable ones), you might want to refrain from shipping such items. Don’t forget about perfumes, all those gift sets which include cosmetics and also electronics containing lithium batteries.

Read our article for more information about restricted and prohibited items and the difference between them.

Consider purchasing additional liability for valuable items
If you want to ship a Christmas gift which is more valuable than the basic insurance that the courier company or parcel broker offers, consider adding a higher compensation cover.

However, don’t forget that a higher insurance coverage does not replace a proper packaging. Moreover, it is actually required that your items are packed thoroughly and even kept in their original packaging if possible


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