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Parcel Delivery to Europe

The continent of Europe is 10.18 million km² of rich and diverse cultures with 50 sovereign countries and territories spreading across the northern and eastern hemispheres. 44 of those countries have their capital city within Europe itself.

A continent of extremes, experiencing long cold winters in the north and enjoying hot long summers in the south, Europe is home to breath-taking scenery of rocky mountains, deep lush valleys, woodlands and even a desert. Although there are 24 official languages spoken in Europe, there are more than 200 languages spoken on the continent, making it very culturally rich and steeped with traditions and values.

There are an estimated 741 million people living in Europe with 447 million of those living in the 27 member nations making up the European Union, the largest single trading block of nations. 

Europe is home to some of the world’s most important financial and business centres. Millions of parcels are sent to and from Europe and Courierpoint is at the heart of it. We use only the best and most trusted courier services when sending your important documents and valuable parcels to Europe. Contact us today for a better than competitive quote. Courierpoint makes an overseas delivery feel like it's only a street away.


Cheap Parcel to Europe

See how cheap and competitive our rates are for sending documents and parcels to these destinations in Europe.

Country Flag Price Quote & Book
Parcel to Belgium Courier to Belgium £35.84 Quote & Order
Parcel to Finland Courier to Finland £41.70 Quote & Order
Parcel to France Courier to France £35.84 Quote & Order
Parcel to Germany Courier to Germany £37.94 Quote & Order
Parcel to Italy Courier to Italy £41.70 Quote & Order
Parcel to Netherlands Courier to Netherlands £35.84 Quote & Order
Parcel to Norway Courier to Norway £35.68 Quote & Order
Parcel to Poland Courier to Poland £40.49 Quote & Order
Parcel to Portugal Courier to Portugal £25.01 Quote & Order
Parcel to Spain Courier to Spain £41.70 Quote & Order
Parcel to Sweden Courier to Sweden £41.70 Quote & Order
Parcel to Switzerland Courier to Switzerland £35.68 Quote & Order


Sending to Europe

We specialise in offering reliable international courier services by working in partnership with the biggest and best international carriers. They have their own infrastructure within each country enabling them to provide real time tracking and proof of delivery information. Our carriers offer both express deliveries that can usually be delivered within 1-2 working days. Through to cheaper economy delivery options, that are sent by road and sea, usually delivered in 3-5 working days. 


European Couriers



European Import Service  

Courierpoint offer reliable low-cost import services throughout Europe. We can arrange for one of our carrier partners to collect from your home, office or hotel in Europe and deliver your goods back to any address within the UK.

Import services can be either air express and delivered usually in 1-2 working days or on a slower economy road and sea option. To check the cost of importing your goods, please get an instant quick quote to see full details of our available services for your specific shipment.

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