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Parcel Delivery to the Middle East

The Middle East is actually a transcontinental region spanning Western Asia and touching North Africa with a total area of 7,207,575 km². The term the Middle East replaced the original Near East which was used to differentiate the area from the Far East before the 20th century.

There are 18 countries in the region including Cyprus, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia. 13 of those countries are part of the Arab world. Egypt is the only country of the Middle East to be located in North Africa. There are 60 languages spoken in the region by a population of over 370 million. 

Rich in history and tradition, many important scientific discoveries were made by ancient Persians and let’s not forget the magnificent Pyramids of Egypt.

The region generally has a hot and arid climate with agriculture being supported by several major rivers and watersheds like the Nile Delta, the Tigris and Euphrates.

Courierpoint takes pride in using only the best courier services when sending to the Middle East. Contact us today for a quote we believe won't be beaten. We make an overseas delivery feel like it’s only a street away.


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Sending to the Middle East

Courierpoint route urgent or economy shipments throughout the Middle East with the largest and best carriers. Carriers such as DHL, FedEx and UPS who own and operate infrastructure in the region and can offer the most reliable services. We can offer express deliveries or slower economy air or sea options. Whatever you need to send from urgent documents to commercial freight, we have an international courier service that will meet your needs.


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Middle East Import Services 

If you need to have documents or parcels imported into the United Kingdom, our branded international courier partners can collect route and deliver your items back into the UK. Air express services can usually deliver in only a couple days after collection, subject to customs clearance. To see all of our available import services, please complete our quick quote form.

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