Made in Britain

Made in Britain


The most common contemplation first-time exporters in the UK have is whether or not to promote the ‘Made in Britain’ brand. There are a lot of things revolving around it that need to be addressed as in what message would it deliver and how would people respond to it. Generally, though people often forget the most important thing. The country is a brand by itself, a much bigger brand than any company could establish.

A reputation of quality 

Let us be honest, Britain is one of the most advanced countries in the world. Its products are directly recognised for their high quality. Each product has added value to itself, because of the strong reputation of the country. Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of that and link your product’s reputation to that of Britain itself?  Especially if you are looking into parcel shipping to USA from UK using FedEx, a popular option as both countries share a lot of common things. 

Not only that but both nations speak the same language making the negotiations with business partners much simpler and straightforward as there is no risk of misunderstanding the other party. Top USA brands usually first expand into Britain before going anywhere else. 

All of that means that the customers would have similar needs and requirements in terms of products, which makes it much easier to obtain a market share quickly. 

Strong legal system and government that backs you up

Parcel shipping to USA from UK through FedEx is much easier due to a variety of different factors. 
First of all, The Trade and Investment government body enables every domestic company to try and reach out to other markets through funding. While many people are concerned about the potential leave of Great Britain from the European Union, this political move would open up new opportunities depending on the respective terms. The Chamber of Commerce plans to support the annual export rate so that it would reach a trillion in the next three years.

Not to underestimate the strong legal system, which many other countries have taken. The trust in Britain’s legal system only leads to the belief that every product is legitimate and the risk of fraud would be practically nonexistent because anyone with malicious intentions would be found and sanctioned quite quickly.

Strong currency

Last, but not least in the list is the British Pound. One of the most stable currencies out there, as a major worldwide financial centre, Britain can provide a healthy financial system. What this means to consumers who buy your products abroad you might think? In case that the deal is made in British pounds, the customer would be sure that the value of the items will be as stable as possible and that there won’t be any unforeseen circumstances leading to a potential loss.


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