France - commercial

France - commercial

France is currently the 5th biggest economy in the world. In addition, France is also one of our closest European neighbours that present a thriving export market for different business in UK. With more than 65 million populations, the exporting history between UK and France goes a long way. Furthermore, it also has a strong business ties with Middle East and Africa. Here are some reasons why you need to start looking for the cheapest courier services to France.


The Benefits of Exporting Business in France

Those businesses who will export their product or service to France will realise that it offers different benefits. To start, there is a convenient transport system that links UK and France. You can basically choose from Eurostar, flight or ferry. This connection combined with its proximity with UK made it possible to offer the cheapest courier services to France. In addition, the striking similarities on the purchasing behaviour of the France consumers to UK will help the business to adapt without any issue on the state of the overseas market. There is also a minimum time difference between UK and France which makes sure that you can manage your exporting business during business hours.


According to UPS, France is also strategically located at the southern and northern Europe which makes it a major gateway for the other countries. France is also the location of the major headquarters of the European businesses, and it also has a direct commercial connection to the different European nations. Finally, it is also a major tourist destination that attracts millions of tourist annually. This means that those businesses that will choose the cheapest courier services to France have more opportunities to market their product.


Challenges in Exporting Business to France

However, this does not necessarily mean that you will no longer have to face challenges once you choose to export your product to France. Since France has a relatively similar market, businesses that will choose to expand their reach to France will most likely do well. Unfortunately, you should also expect affair amount of bureaucracy. You may also struggle in opening your business due to the language barrier. Be sure that you will maintain contact, stay persistent and reassure reliability, price, and quality. You should also choose the cheapest courier services to France in order to minimise the entire cost.


Business from different industry can do well when they choose to export their business to France such as jewellery, automotive component, and alcoholic beverage. There are also different opportunities for different businesses in the DIY industry, giftware, fashion, drinks and food according to DHL. When you plan to export your business to France, you have different routes that you can take. Some people will choose to sell their product with the help of the local branch. They can also choose to hire a local representation and sell directly, or they may also directly export their product with the help of the cheapest courier services to France.


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