Packing and shipping any electronic devices is not an easy task. Most likely, your tablet is too valuable to risk any damages during transit. But if you still plan to ship it via standard courier service, you have to make sure it is packed properly. As a sender, you are responsible for choosing the most appropriate packaging and finding a way to pack an iPad in a correct manner. Just to make it easier for you, we combined a few tips on how to pack an iPad or any tablet and get it ready for shipping.

What you need to pack?
•    Cardboard box – sturdy enough to protect your device
•    Bubble wrap - to protect the iPad
•    Foam/packing peanuts – for internal cushioning of the package
•    Duct tape – to seal the box

•    Cardboard box – any hardware store or stationery shop, but you can also find used ones in any local store or supermarket
•    Bubble wrap – any hardware store or stationery shop
•    Foam/packing peanuts - any hardware store
•    Duct tape - any hardware store, stationery shop or supermarket

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How to Pack:
•    Prepare a back-up – first things first, if you have any important (or precious!) data on your iPad or tablet, you should create a back-up and save them elsewhere. This way, if anything does go wrong during the shipment, you won’t lose your files.
•    Use bubble wrap to cover the iPad in several layers, in order to protect both the screen and the case from impacts.
•    Choose the right box – the best way to pack any electronic devices it by using the original box, which should be already tailor-made to your iPad. To increase the security of the package, you can use another box and place everything inside it once again.
•    Don’t forget to fill the box with packing materials – packing peanuts, foam, or even crumpled newspaper should do just fine. Try not to leave empty spaces inside the box and if possible, use additional padding so that the iPad does not move around.
•    Close and seal the box, and then move it gently. Your tablet should stay in one place.
•    Choose a courier company and consider purchasing additional insurance – find a suitable courier to ship your iPad or tablet with. Remember that some booking platforms and courier companies offer a standard insurance coverage, which is already included in the price. For example, Eurosender offers an insurance coverage of up to 200 € per package, and there is additional insurance at reduced rates available.
•    It is very important to print and attach a shipping label to your box.

Check out our blog post about how to ship electronics for more tips. And if you still have doubts, you can always chat with our advisers online at


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