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Parcel delivery to Portugal

With an estimated population of over 10 million, Portugal is a major force in economic trade. It is the 44th largest exporter and the 40th largest importer globally. The UK and Portugal enjoy a free-flowing trade, with millions of Portuguese living in the UK. We offer a wide range of services for sending parcels and freight between the UK and Portugal. We work for both private individuals sending golf clubs, to businesses sending supplies to their factories. Whatever service you need, we have discounted prices for the service that is right for you.


Cheap Parcel to Portugal

See how cheap and competitive our rates are for sending documents and parcels to Portugal.

Parcel Weight Price Quote & Book
0.5 KG Letter to Portugal £41.05 Quote & Order
1.0 KG Letter to Portugal £50.02 Quote & Order
5.0 KG Package to Portugal £76.93 Quote & Order


Sending to Portugal 

Whether you need cheap economy shipping or next-day delivery to Portugal, you do not have to worry yourself about scouting for the best shipping deal. We have collaborated with top international courier services to help you find the best value options for your delivery. We use only the best international couriers for your peace of mind.




Shipping to Portugal

As well as delivering parcels to Portugal for retailers selling their products, we are also sending parcels to manufacturers in Portugal as UK businesses look to move production of their products outside of the UK to countries with a lower labour cost. With the transit time being only a few working days, any product manufactured there has a much shorter order time than work placed in the far east.


Large parcel to Portugal

Any parcel sent from the UK to any destination within Portugal does not have any duty or taxes charged. This has allowed Portuguese consumers to now buy goods from UK as easily as from a local retailer. With Amazon and eBay online market places, offering UK retailers the chance to sell their products anywhere in the world, including Portugal, many people in Portugal are now ordering UK products. One of the largest challenges that UK online retailers face in selling their products abroad, is working out how to get them delivered at an economic price, including large items.

We specialise in moving unusual sized and heavyweight packages to and throughout Portugal. We can move items up to 220 cm in length and up to 1000 kilos.


Courier to Portugal

Courierpoint.com helps UK online retailers deliver their parcels throughout the UK and to export markets, including Portugal. Through us, our clients use a courier service at an affordable low price for our economy road service or fast air express delivery. Our economy service will deliver parcels to main cities in Portugal including Lisbon and Leiria within 2-3 days. Destinations that are more remote may take one or two days longer. Our online order processing system enables clients to check if an area is classified as remote before you confirm an order. Parcels that are sent to Portugal need to be well packed, as the transit time and distance are both longer than sending a parcel domestically. 


Gifts to Portugal

We have seen many Portuguese nationals coming to find work and a better standard of life in England. They need to send parcels for birthdays and gifts to family and friends. We offer them a simple, cost effect solution to queuing up in the post office. Our service offers a door to door alternative, at a price that usually saves them money.


Personal belongings to Portugal

As well as sending parcels to Portugal for UK businesses, we also parcel delivery for private individuals. As we have a free trade agreement with Portugal, it is easy to send personal possessions between our countries and not have any worries about incurring any import duty or tax charges.


Drop off parcel to Portugal

There is no longer a reason to wait for your collection driver to arrive. We now offer thousands of local drop off points, where you can leave your labelled parcel. This enables you to save time, while still taking advantage of our low prices and reliable shipping services to Portugal.


Cheapest parcel delivery service to Portugal

Our bulk buying from many of the best international couriers enables us to be able to offer some of the cheapest shipping costs in the market. If you are looking to send parcels or documents to Portugal, make sure you compare other search results, as you will be surprised as to how cheap our prices are. At least that is the information given to us by past customers on our reviews, which you should read before choosing who to work with.


Import from Portugal

It is easy to import parcels, freight or documents from Portugal back to the UK. We have a range of services from economy to express that will meet your needs. All are routed through branded reliable international carriers, and due to our bulk buying, are offered at discounted competitive prices that will save you money compared to most other import options.


Portugal Shipping Reviews

Our Shipping to Portugal services are rated 5 Star