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Parcel delivery to Dublin 

The Republic of Ireland, a beautiful lush land of emerald green fields and warm, welcoming smiles. Ireland has many close ties with the United Kingdom. With many generations of families from both the UK and the Republic of Ireland swapping borders to set up homes and businesses, it is one of our closets and oldest friends.

With that in mind, it is vitally important that all of your important documents and parcels are delivered to our friends as fast, and as smooth as possible.

By choosing Courierpoint, you will be able to send your valuable mail to the Republic of Ireland in complete confidence, using only the best, most reputable courier services available. And at the best prices around. 

Courierpoint makes an overseas delivery feel like it’s just a street away. Choose the easiest and cheapest option around and contact Courierpoint today for a quote.


Cheap Parcel to Ireland

See how cheap and competitive our rates are for sending documents and parcels to Ireland.

Parcel Weight Price Quote & Book
0.5 KG Letter to Ireland £6.85 Quote & Order
1.0 KG Letter to Ireland £6.85 Quote & Order
5.0 KG Package to Ireland £7.69 Quote & Order


Sending to Ireland 

If you are looking to ship to the Republic of Ireland with a reliable service, we have access to the best international courier services. At Courierpoint we are able to provide our customers with hugely discounted prices for the following carriers UPS, TNT, FedEx, Hermes and DHL.

The services that we provide are all fully tracked, signed for and include standard liability cover at no extra charge.




Compare delivery quotes to Ireland

Shipping to Ireland can be expensive, with discounts usually only being available to bulk shippers. Through our bulk buying power, we have access to cheaper courier rates than most individuals and companies can access. Just enter the details of your shipments into our quick quote calculator and a range of quotes will be available for you to consider and compare. Helping you to find the cheapest and perfect service.

Large parcel to Ireland

We specialise in moving unusual sized parcels and pallets to and throughout Ireland. We can move items up to 220 cm in length and up to 1000 kilos when they are on a pallet. Sending a pallet to Ireland from the UK is easy with us. We will arrange to have a pallet lorry and forklift come to your location to collect your pallets. They will then be routed with an international pallet service carrier and delivered on time, according to the service that you selected.

Courier to Ireland

Courier from the UK to any destination in Ireland in one working day. All our fast air express services to Ireland deliver next working day, with some destinations having the option to upgrade for an earlier timed delivery. So whatever speed of delivery, Courierpoint has a solution that will be right for you.


Shipping to Ireland

We are able to send many different types of shipments from the UK to Ireland. Whether you need to send documents, luggage, parcels or freight. All are services are at low prices that will save you money. All of our services are accessed through our online portal this is where you can compare all the features of each service and make a selection of the one that is perfect for your needs.

Gifts to Ireland

As the UK has free trade with the European Union, you are able to send gifts over to Dublin or anywhere in Ireland without incurring any import duty or taxes. Just ensure that you check the prohibited and restricted lists for the carrier before you despatch your parcel.

Personal belongings to Ireland

Sending your personal belongings or suitcases to Ireland is easy. You do not have to work about any import duty or taxes, as we have a free trade agreement. Shipments can be moved to any destination in Ireland and delivered on a premium next day service or on a slower economy service within 3-4 working days.

Drop off parcel to Ireland

When you are sending a parcel to Ireland, you no longer have to wait in for the driver. If you do not know your movements, then why not simply drop the parcel into one of our thousands of local drop off points. The carrier will then collect the parcel from there and move it through their network as normal. We are always trying to make shipping easier. 

Parcel to Ireland from the UK

We are able to send many different types of shipments from the UK to Ireland. Whether you need to send documents, luggage, parcels or freight. All services are at low prices that will save you money. All of our services for occasional shippers are accessed through our online portal. Here you can compare all the features of each service and make a selection of the one that is perfect for your needs. For businesses that need to deliver on a regular basis, please get in touch and we can offer further special commercial discounted offers. 

Cheapest parcel delivery service to Ireland 

We help businesses and individuals find the cheapest way to send parcels to Dublin and throughout Ireland. Our online quote tool will give quick and easy access to a range of services at discounted prices. Simply quote, compare and book the service that is right for you.

If you are a business looking for a regular delivery service to Ireland, then contact customer service to see what discounted rates we can put in place specifically for your shipping profile. 

Import from Ireland

We can organise imports from Ireland back to any destination within the UK. Simply go to our quote calculator and select Ireland as the country that you would like to import from and the UK as the destination. Access a range of quotes in seconds and then place an order quickly and easily online. Our customer service team will, as always, monitor your work to ensure that it is collected and returned exactly as instructed. 

How to address your parcel for delivery in Ireland?

Ireland uses the same addressing system as the UK, so labelling the parcel is pretty straight forward. The postal code, also known as EIR code, will consist of 7 alphanumeric characters below the name of the locality with a space after the first 3 characters.


Ireland Shipping Reviews

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