Misdelivered package

Misdelivered package

Wrong delivery is most likely caused by an incomplete or incorrect contact details.

Finding certain flats and houses might be challenging for the courier. Therefore, it’s important to double check the address you provided and make sure it’s actually easy to locate. If details are inaccurate or the address is outdated, the package is usually returned to the sender by the courier service or by the unintended recipient. You might end up with a misdelivered package.


Sometimes problems arise when the address is difficult to read and recognize.

Usually, there is no need to mark your package and write the directions on it (courier companies usually label the parcels themselves or you will be asked to print the label and stick it to the package). However, it’s always a good idea to indicate both the recipient’s and the sender’s address just in case the label gets damaged or becomes illegible during the shipping and handling process. In such cases, the parcel might be passed around the depots while the couriers are trying to decode it. If they fail to do so, the package could be sent back to its sender (as long as the return address is readable).

The most important part of the address is probably the postcode. It usually makes the sorting process faster and easier for the courier company. Usually, machines are doing the processing. This means that, even though the rest of the address doesn’t really match the incorrect postal code, it might take a while until someone actually notices the issue. Your package will then go back on the right track or is returned to its shipper.

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Misdeliveries can also happen when you’re trying to change the address once the order has already been placed.

Usually, any amendments in your order are difficult to make after the courier company starts processing it. It takes some time to inform the assigned courier about changes, for them to re-route your package. However, if you still decide to make changes in the shipping address while the package is already on its way, you might end up with a misdelivered package, as it could be delivered to the “old” address.

Other times, however, a delivered package could happen simply by mistake.

If the carrier claims that the package has already been handed in but you still haven’t received anything, it might mean that your parcel ended up somewhere else.


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