Sales tactics

Sales tactics

Becoming an overseas exporter is one of the best ways to grow your company. The different factors revolving around such an activity poses many challenges. The entrepreneur’s job is to anticipate all possible developments, make a market research and establish a proper market entrance to suit the needs of the customers.  The thing that sets successful businesses from ones that failed is the tactics they use in their sales departments. These following five international sales tactics will set you apart:

Make sure to define your product

When you are targeting a specific market, you have to be fully aware of how to sell your product to the intended group. Should you change or adjust your products or services in any way, to enter the new market niche? The internet has made it easier for companies to go global, however not having a narrow set of products, could be devastating.

Differentiate yourself from others

Show your customers, what exactly it is that sets you apart from others. Certainly sending your products through a service from UPS is not something innovative. Would you be making discounts though? If yes, you need to find a way to lower your costs in order to still make profit. Courierpoint can be a valuable partner in such instances. 

The logistics should be pre-defined

A fundamental mistake many new businesses make is to expand to a new market but not be physically able to deliver their products. Obviously a transportation department would be quite costly. Using Courierpoint to send your shipments to Spain could not be easier. You should have pre-determined conditions plus an online system where the customer could follow up on his order through the whole delivery process.

Start selling by yourself

As a new owner of a business you might consider getting a helping hand from a sales team. But you should definitely consider starting selling the products yourself. You are the person with the idea. You are the one that has the best knowledge on what exactly it is that you are selling plus the benefits it holds. If you could show your passion about the product to the customer, it will certainly reflect back in a good way.

Don’t ignore the feedback

It is important to have some sort of a customer feedback system, which should improve itself over time. The opinion of the customer is always a priority, it will enable you to improve your products and services over the course of time, which will obviously also lead to increase in profits and the overall quality not only of the products but the work processes in the company.

To sum it up, make sure to always set up specific goals which should be just outside of your reach. That will keep you motivated at time plus it holds a significant psychological boost in case you do manage to reach them.


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