Mexico - commercial

Mexico - commercial

Mexico is Latin America’s second-largest economy. The country, which covers an area roughly the size of Western Europe, forms a natural bridge and gateway between North and Latin America and thus holds a politically and economically strategic position.

All goods shipments to Mexico must be accompanied by originals and copies of the Customs documentation. The weight stated on the Waybill must be the net weight and must be accurate, or the shipment will be returned to origin. Original EUR1 certificates must be included with shipments where applicable.


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Negotiable documents >US$ 10,000: declare through Value Declaration form or the items can be confiscated and retained by Mexico Customs until the receiver pays the fine. Sender must state complete description of contents on Waybill, the draft or invoice amount so DHL can complete and submit Declaration of Internment or Extraction of Quantities in cash and/or Documents for Charging. Document shipments exceeding 50 kg must be sent as goods.

Shipments can only be delivered under Incoterm Delivery Duty Paid (DDP) when marked from origin on Waybill. DDP service does not apply with an external broker clearance. Temporary imports: submit a letter of advice to Mexico’s Ministry of Finance (SHCP before clearance. Packing materials (boxes, palettes, etc.) must be accompanied by an Origin Certificate of Fumigation.

For selected items, the importer must provide the relevant Norma Oficial Mexicana (NOM), Mexico’s standards and regulation codes. Approval may also be required from government bodies including Mexico’s Ministry of Agriculture (SAGARPA, Mexico’s Department of Environment and Natural Resources (SEMARNAT, Mexico’s Ministry of Economy (SE and Mexico’s Ministry of Health (SSA For further details on where NOM and approval is required, see the ‘Restricted Items’ section.

Restricted Items
Alcoholic Beverages - Receiver to obtain authorisation labels for alcoholic beverages from SE. Duties (Regulation duty/IEPS) & taxes of up to 140.67% could be levied, depending on alcohol grain. Wine: cannot be imported as a gift, regardless of the quantity.
Coffee and coffee samples - Toasted coffee beans and granulated coffee: provide agricultural permit from SAGARPA. Soluble coffee: ≤ 3 100 g containers. Duties & taxes up to 101% could be levied. Must be formally imported.
Artwork including drawings / proofs / layouts , photos as part of business reports, architectural or industrial plans / drawings - Copies :  send as documents  and Originals : send as goods.
Cosmetics, prescription& non-prescription drugs, eye glasses and contacts, medical samples - Receiver to obtain Import Sanitary Permit from SSA. Shipper should attach a free sale or sanitary certificate. Duties and taxes upto 87.9% could be levied. Prohibited drugs receiver to provide a health/sanitary permit. Chemicals - personal imports: receiver to provide description through a chemical letter.
Toys - Provide Certificate of Origin and sticker NOM-50 or Letter of Non-commercialization. Toys for children under 3 years old/ toys with human figures: receiver to provide sanitary permit from SSA. 
Leather goods and textile articles, including shoes -  Value ≥ +USD 1,000: list country of manufacture/origin on Commercial Invoice and Certificate of Origin (if applicable). Commercial Invoice must include manufacturer’s name/address and breakdown values of non-GATT components. Certificate of Origin must be legalised in country of manufacture. Goods must be labelled in Spanish. Include a technical letter with the product description. Shoes (unused): receiver to provide passport (with immigration stamp) or visa and airline ticket or boarding pass (not older than 6 months).  Shoes (used): receiver to provide a permit from SE. Shoe samples: only send single shoes; these must be marked or mutilated (through the bottom sole part of the shoe). 
Foodstuffs -  Send in original packaging with original labels. Receiver maybe required to provide a health permit from SSA. Chocolates/Candies : Import as gifts if weight <1 kg and the items are presented in individual/for sale packaging ; otherwise receiver to provide a sugar content letter.

Prohibited Items
The list below is in addition to Courierpoint's standard list
of prohibited items
• Antiques
• Asbestos
• Dangerous goods, hazardous
or combustible materials
• Electronic cigarettes and refills
• Exotic furs
• Firearms, or parts of
• Gambling devices
• Ivory
• Military equipment
• Perishables
• Playing cards
• Precious metals & stones
• Wooden pencils

Duty Free Allowance US$ 50


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