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Import Services

Courierpoint works in partnership with the largest and best international courier and freight companies. We have preferential rates that enable us to provide our customers with great prices for reliable courier services.

Whether it’s your important documents from China or personal possessions from Spain you want to import to UK, we have a wide range of discounted services for you to select from. To view details of the import services that we offer for your shipment, just enter the details in our shipping quote calculator, and you can view instant quotes.


Import Courier Services


Import Account

We specialise in providing branded carrier services at discounted prices to businesses. We are able to arrange for express import accounts for businesses to use with their suppliers and buying agents. It is usual for our clients to provide an import account number for samples to authorised suppliers. Our import services are very reliable, offering online tracking and they are monitored by our customer service team for your peace of mind. Our air express import service will normally move urgent samples from the Far East to you, within 2-3 working days, subject to customs clearance.


How to Arrange an Import

We can collect shipments from over 200 countries, directly from a factory, warehouse, office or even your home.

  1. Ensure that the contents of your shipment are well packed, with appropriate internal packaging to protect the goods whilst in transit.
  2. Get accurate measurements of your packed parcels, including length, width and height in centimeters and keep photographic records.
  3. Get an accurate record of the weight in kilos and keep a photographic record.
  4. Enter the size and weight information into our cost calculator.
  5. Select a service and place an order for your collection.
  6. Print off your shipping labels and any customs documents. If the import is not being collected from your location, email the labels to the collection point, and ensure that they print and attach them to your shipment before collection.
  7. Give your parcel to the collection driver.

Top Tip: Give a local contact telephone number to the collection driver in case he cannot easily locate the address.


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