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Parcel delivery to Malta

Malta has a big presence in IT and finance and of course as a low corporate tax. It is also an economic area with a productive labour force and a well-developed ICT infrastructure. The economy is highly dependent on manufacturing, foreign trade, financial services, and tourism.

Malta is such a modern open country that it achieves investments from all corners of the Earth and has many international business partnerships. Which is why we ship so many items for businesses back and forth from this beautifully sunny country and the stats help us to believe that this will just continue to grow.

To have access to this market, we can handle all of your shipping needs. We will make sure that your packages are delivered on time, professionally and at the most affordable price.


Cheap Parcel to Malta

See how cheap and competitive our rates are for sending documents and parcels to Malta.

Parcel Weight Price Quote & Book
0.5 KG Letter to Malta £40.56 Quote & Order
1.0 KG Letter to Malta £49.41 Quote & Order
5.0 KG Package to Malta £77.10 Quote & Order


Sending to Malta

We are able to send many different types of shipments from the UK to Malta. Whether you need to send documents, luggage, parcels or freight. All are services are at low prices that will save you money. All of our services are accessed through our online portal, this is where you can compare all the features of each service and make a selection of the one that is perfect for your needs. Shipping from the UK to Malta is always in demand.




Shipping to Malta

We are specialists at shipping documents, parcels, luggage and freight between the UK and Malta. We have negotiated the cheapest prices for sending urgent or economy shipments between the two countries. Using the best international branded couriers, you can have confidence that your goods will be delivered in good condition and on time. As well as moving through reliable networks, our award-winning customer service team will monitor all your shipments to ensure that they meet your requirements.


Large parcel to Malta

We can move large items to Malta and this includes parcels with a length up to 220 cm in length. Large parcels up to 65 kilos per piece can be moved without being palletised and items up to 1000 kilos are OK to be sent if they are palletised. You can get an instant quote for sending large parcels and pallets to Malta on website in seconds.


Fast delivery to Malta

We specialise in sending urgent documents to Malta. We have daily shipments going to the financial district and these are delivered within one working day, using our air express service. It is fast, trackable and highly competitively priced. So why not get your quote now, or if you need to send out regularly get in touch for bespoke rates.


Courier to Malta

We provide a reliable next day courier delivery service from the UK to Malta. You can courier using our air express service in only one working day from main UK cities. Alternatively, we offer an economy road option. Whatever your need, we provide instant quotation for our 5star rated services.


Pallet to Malta

If you’re sending a pallet from the UK to Malta of up to 1000 kilos in weight, we can offer you an economic delivery solution to move it by road. Just provide the details of the shipment requirements and get an instant quotation with transit times for your consideration.


Gifts to Malta

Sending gifts from the UK to Malta is easy, our countries enjoy a free trade agreement so that you do not have to be concerned with paying any import duty or taxes on your gifts.


Personal belongings to Malta

Sending suitcases to your hotel and back or personal belongings in boxes to home is what we do. Access 5star rated shipping services to Malta. We will route your belongings through the best international couriers at our trade rates, giving you the best possible service, short of taking the bags there yourself. All at our discounted rates, so that you pay the lowest possible prices. Get your own quote in seconds.


Cheapest parcel delivery service to Malta

When you are looking to get the cheapest price for sending your parcels to Malta, these are the factors that you need to consider:

  1. Size and weight of your shipment. The smaller and lighter the weight of the parcels that you send, the lower the cost of moving them is.
  2. The speed of the delivery service required will affect the cost. Generally the faster the transit time, the more expensive the service is.
  3. The location of the destination. It is usually cheaper to deliver to main cities and commercial address, as opposed to rural residential ones.

We offer discounted prices for all our services, so whatever your requirements are, we usually offer the cheapest solution that will meet your needs.


Import from Malta

We can collect from any address in Malta and arrange to import your documents or boxes back to the UK. You have a choice of using our express service or our economy road option. Each option is monitored and supported by our specialist customer service team. So please get your instant quote now.


Malta Shipping Reviews

Our Shipping to Malta services are rated 5 Star