Christmas sales

Christmas sales

We are just a few weeks away from Christmas Day now and if you run your own e-commerce business you’ve probably – and indeed hopefully – been quite busy already dealing with shoppers trying to get their orders in before the big day. Courierpoint have already provided some useful posts on how best to manage this time of the year, but now is also the time to work even harder to boost those last-minute sales – especially in e-commerce.

Here, we’ve detailed a few tips and tricks you can employ now with your e-commerce business to try and capitalise on all the last-minute shoppers looking to get a festive bargain. So read on to find out more!

Countdown deals

On top of your existing seasonal promotions you might want to have a daily last-minute deal in the run up to your final Christmas delivery deadline. Target items you think aren’t selling as well to try and shift them, but also if you’ve managed your stock well, and have surplus available, you might want to have special deals on popular items that will grab consumer attention.

Offer redeemable vouchers

There’s a chance you might get visitors to your site who still can’t quite decide on what they want, so offer some redeemable vouchers for use at a later date. This easy gift option is both convenient for the indecisive buyer and is a great way for you to turn a profit.

Promote online

You should endeavour to broadcast the above as widely as possible, which is where social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook really come into their own. Use your profiles to showcase and detail your offers with links back to your site, enticing customers and driving sales.

Email marketing

With the above there’s no harm it sending out emails to your mailing lists which detail your sales and promotions; you might inspire a few more people looking for a late present.

Clearly display delivery times

A hugely important aspect to sort out at this time is to make it explicitly clear to these last-minute shoppers when the last dates for delivery are in time for Christmas. The last thing you want is upset customers leaving negative and damaging feedback because your site didn’t make this information obvious.

All you need to do is set up a delivery page or list the information on your homepage in bold. Equally, if you use an external provider like Courierpoint during this time you should link to our festive UK delivery information as well – letting us help manage this busy period for you.

Gift wrap

You don’t need to be a seasoned entrepreneur to acknowledge that these last minute shoppers are also looking for convenience, so give them as many options as you can. A great idea is to have gift wrapping on their purchases so they arrive ready to go under the tree. Naturally, you should include pictures and explain/show what the wrapping will look like.

Detail your returns and aftersales

A final tip is to also make any information about returns and aftersales clear and simple for your site visitors to discover. Again, this is added peace of mind for them as it alleviates the worry of unwanted gifts and having an easy to follow returns policy reflects well on your company.
So what are you waiting for? Time is very much of the essence, get working now and get those last-minute online shoppers buying from your e-commerce business to ensure they – and you – have a very merry Christmas indeed.


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