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International Shipping

You can send to over 200 countries worldwide with our international shipping and parcel delivery services. We are sending out shipments daily to main cities throughout America, Middle East and Asia.

From urgent documents to heavy parcels, Courierpoint can help you to schedule a branded international courier to collect, route and deliver your shipment in good condition at a discounted price.

Our international shipping calculator can give you an instant quote for moving your parcel by a range of leading international couriers. 



Choose the service that meets your needs and book in few seconds – the easiest way to send!


International Courier Destinations

Country Flag Price Quote & Book
Parcel to Australia Courier to Australia £32.23 Quote & Order
Parcel to Canada Courier to Canada £31.97 Quote & Order
Parcel to China Courier to China £36.31 Quote & Order
Parcel to France Courier to France £35.28 Quote & Order
Parcel to Germany Courier to Germany £37.35 Quote & Order
Parcel to India Courier to India £32.23 Quote & Order
Parcel to Ireland Courier to Ireland £35.28 Quote & Order
Parcel to Italy Courier to Italy £41.05 Quote & Order
Parcel to Malta Courier to Malta £39.85 Quote & Order
Parcel to Netherlands Courier to Netherlands £35.28 Quote & Order
Parcel to Poland Courier to Poland £39.85 Quote & Order
Parcel to Spain Courier to Spain £41.05 Quote & Order
Parcel to Sweden Courier to Sweden £41.05 Quote & Order
Parcel to UAE Courier to UAE £38.77 Quote & Order
Parcel to USA Courier to USA £29.90 Quote & Order


Parcel to Europe

Our delivery services into Europe are fast and efficient. We offer a range of both next day air express delivery options, and road economy delivery solutions. Enabling you to send goods out across Europe at the speed that meets your needs. As we have a free trade agreement with the European Union, most destinations do not require any customs clearance. You do not have to worry about any duty and taxes, and deliveries throughout the EU are as easy as sending to a UK destination with us.

We also offer a choice of despatch options, allowing you to work flexibly and drop off your parcels at a local convenient drop off point. You can also select to have a driver collect from your door. Some of our busiest European destinations are Germany, France, Spain, Italy and Ireland.


Parcel to North America

One of our largest markets is sending parcels across the pond. We get regularly tasked with sourcing the cheapest way to send parcels to USA for our business clients. Due to our bulk buying, we are able to provide very economic and competitive rates for sending documents and parcels to the US and Canada. As we only work with the best international couriers, you will not need to worry about the quality of our services, even at the low costs that we charge, as they do not affect the level of service provided.


Parcel to Asia

We offer simple, low cost and reliable branded international delivery services throughout Asia. With direct flights from the UK to Far East hubs on a daily basis, sending to China, Hong Kong, Singapore and India has never been easier. All our shipments are fully tracked, include free liability cover and you can get an instant quotation from our quick quote calculator. This is especially useful if you are sending to a remote area or are sending a heavier or larger parcel. 


Parcel to Oceania

With large expat communities in New Zealand and Australia, these countries maintain close ties with the UK. With many university graduates taking the opportunity to travel to Europe and especially the UK, where they do not have a language barrier, we send a large volume of personal possessions between the countries.

If you need to send a parcel to this region, get an instant quote to see how competitive we are and how large our range of delivery services is. 


Why select Courierpoint for international parcel delivery service?

  • Cheap International shipping prices
  • Delivery to over 200 worldwide countries
  • International shipping quote in seconds
  • Select from the best international couriers
  • Compare multiple quotes and services in our portal
  • Free proactive tracking and management of your shipments
  • Express and Economy international shipping options
  • Select collection or drop off services
  • Easy to print shipping and customs paperwork


Parcel delivery information and guides

We want to make sending your international parcels as easy as possible, so we have put together some simple guides with information on a wide range of destinations, products and frequently asked questions that we hope you will find useful.

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