Christmas gifts

Christmas gifts

Are you as excited as us? A few more days until Christmas! With this in mind, we’ve put together a quick gift packaging guide for you…

Gift Bags
Unbranded gift bags are brilliant for the Christmas period! They’re especially popular with customers as they’re easy for them to use when they give out their presents. They’re available in a variety of colours and styles, are light and flat to transport and are made from sustainable sources.

If you work in e-retail offering your customers a gift bag option at checkout will also make their lives easier. This could really add to your customer experience, and if you’ve visited our blogs before you will know how important this is.

Branded gift bags are also an option, not only do they look the part, but they can serve as advertising for your business too. If you’re based in a shopping precinct not only could it create more brand awareness, it could even draw footfall into your store!

Tissue paper
In an increasingly competitive market place, retailers need to stand out.  Using tissue paper in your gift bags or packages will add a luxury touch and offer a bit more protection for your products.

You can buy tissue paper in a wide range of colours, to suit your brand and whatever you’re shipping. If you like the look of tissue paper but don’t feel it gives enough protection there are other alternatives like Geami WrapPak.

Geami WrapPak
Geami WrapPak is a die cut paper packaging solution that can wrap around your product using its unique honeycomb structure. This structure can eliminate your need for tape and is great at protecting goods against scratching. You can even purchase a Manual converter machine, which combines the die cut paper with tissue on the interleaf, to make your wrapping picture perfect. Geami is available in black, brown or white, and the tissue is available in the same colours plus many more! As well as making your parcels look great, it is a lightweight and environmentally friendly packaging material.

Wooden wine boxes
Wine is another popular gift option at Christmas, along with other spirits. In fact, sales of sparkling wine alone were predicted to rise 500% in 2015 on the lead up to Christmas (1). Wooden wine boxes are a great option for retailers to offer customers when they want to raise their brand profile. You can personalise these to make them more seasonal or fit better with your brand. 70cl spirit bottles also fit well in the wooden wine boxes. Check out the promotion we’ve got on our wooden wine boxes to see what savings you could make.


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