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Parcel delivery to China

China is a large country in East Asia covering approximately 9,600,000 square kilometres with the largest population on Earth of over 1.4 billion people.  

China is a wonderfully rich and diverse country, with thousands of years of history and culture. It has given the world many great wonders of science, art and architecture, including the Great Wall of China - the longest man-made structure on Earth.

It’s traditions and delicious cuisine reaching the shores of every country, being enjoyed by millions of people worldwide. 

It is also a global player in business, trading regularly with companies all around the world. With this in mind, it is imperative that all mail, whether it is documents or large parcels, are delivered to the door with speed and ease. 

Courierpoint uses only the most trusted and reputable companies and offers you competitive prices with a posting confidence that is second to none. Only we make an overseas delivery feel like it’s just a street away. Choose the easiest and cheapest option around and contact Courierpoint today for a quote.


Cheap Parcel to China

See how cheap and competitive our rates are for sending documents and parcels to China.

Parcel Weight Price Quote & Book
0.5 KG Letter to China £36.80 Quote & Order
1.0 KG Letter to China £54.21 Quote & Order
5.0 KG Package to China £82.27 Quote & Order


Sending to China

Many United Kingdom businesses trade with China and source the products that they sell from Chinese suppliers. There is a large need to send both samples and bulk deliveries between these two countries. Courierpoint.com is one of the largest international resellers of courier services online. China is one of our top delivery destinations, with our clients sending thousands of parcels to China through us each year.

We are able to send both documents and parcels to China through some of the largest international courier services in the world. We can arrange for them to come and collect your international shipments, route them through their networks and safely deliver them to their final destinations in good condition. We do this at prices that are usually much cheaper than our competitors are. How can we do this? Well by sending huge amounts of parcels through our carriers, we qualify for large discounts that we can pass on to our clients. That helps to makes our prices for sending parcels to China some of the cheapest around.

Our Carriers who deliver to China include:




Large parcel to China

Our range of leading international courier services can move large parcels to any destination throughout China in just a few working days. All at heavily discounted prices that will save you money. Compare carriers, cost and transit times in seconds to find the perfect service for your needs. All supported by our knowledgeable customer service team.


Fast delivery to China

We make sending urgent documents, samples and swatches to China, fast easy and affordable. We have contracts with the fastest and best international couriers.

This allows clients to check transit times for multiple carriers in seconds, and to book and track these shipments from one console. Transit to China can be done in as little as two working days and we have several upgrade options available depending on the specific destination, to ensure any urgent parcels are delivered as quickly as possible. We work with many businesses with offices or suppliers throughout the far East and understand the importance of reliable service at prices that offer great value. Get in touch to find out what we can do for you.


Courier to China

We are finding that as China is so large, we are sending parcels to not only main cities such as Beijing and Shanghai but also to many other manufacturing locations throughout China, including Guangzhou and Shenzhen. Wherever clients need to have their parcels delivered, we can arrange for them to be delivered. We deliver to China using our air express delivery services. These will collect a shipment and deliver it to main cities throughout china in 2–3 working days, subject to customs clearance.


Shipping to China

We can offer shipping services by air or by sea depending on your needs and air door-to-door shipping can be delivered in just a couple of days subject to customs clearance. If your business has a need to send shipments from documents through to parcels, we are able to support your delivery needs. We have a wide range of services, all offered at the cheapest prices that include access to our unique shipping tools and are monitored by our customer service team for your complete peace of mind.


Air Freight to China

We offer discount airfreight services from the UK to China. We can deliver your shipments to an airport or offer door to door options. Please contact us to get your spot rate quotes for the best prices.


Pallet to China

We regularly send pallets by both road and air to China from the UK. They often contain labels or stickers for goods that are being produced in China. Or machinery that is being exported to Chinese manufacturers. Whatever the reason that you need to send pallets to China, please get in touch for a personal quote.


Gifts to China

If you send gifts to China with a value below 1000 Yuan, it will be exempt from import duty and taxes charges. To qualify, the shipment must be sent from a private individual to another private individual and the reason for shipment must be listed as a “gift”.


Chinese Customs Authority

If you are sending documents or low value samples to China, it is easy to have the shipments clear customs. If you are returning goods or sending over bulk items, these will require customs clearance and assistance from the receiver to be able to import the goods. When sending goods into China, import duty and taxes may be charged by the authorities for allowing goods into the country. We therefore recommend that you contact the Customs authority before sending any goods to confirm what paperwork is required to allow entry and to understand if and how much any import duty and tax charges will be, before you send your goods. For example, it is a requirement for a copy of the receiver's passport to be provided to the Customs Authority.


Cheapest parcel delivery service to China

Businesses need to have a combination of efficiency and at the best possible price to manage costs. We work with businesses that need to send documents and samples of goods and products backwards and forwards to China and Hong Kong.

To do this, we have arranged for your urgent shipments to travel on the best international courier networks, where you can select the speed that you need them delivered with. All shipments only go on services that are trackable, so that our customer service team can proactively monitor them and they are all provided at up to 70% off our courier’s list tariffs.


Import from China

We are experts at providing discounted import courier and shipping services for China. We can arrange for you to import your urgent samples from China using DHL, who are considered the fastest and efficient import express courier from the Far East.

In addition to imports using air express services, we offer discounted air freight import services for goods that are needed quickly, but not as fast as express.

Whatever you need to import, Courierpoint can be your logistics expert providing support, knowledge and discounted services to meet your needs.


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