International orders

International orders

If you have just started to initiate international orders, you might find out that there are some things you have not considered from the start. There are some important steps you should always do when you are dealing with an international order. This way you will make sure that all parcels will be handled properly and that your customers will love to shop from you and spread the word for your amazing services. 

Identify the buyer

For your own protection, you need to first run a quick scan on your customer. Verify the given information and make sure that his or her purchase is real. Try to not get too excited and send the products before you can make sure that this is the real deal. Make sure the terms and conditions of the purchase are clear.  The payment method, as well as the currency, should be very clearly stated to avoid loss and confusion. 

It is important to choose a reliable carrier to ship your goods as well. To find the best prices, use Courierpoint to send all your international shipments. Choosing a tracked delivery service helps your customer to see where his package is and get daily updates. Also make sure you agree on who is responsible for paying any import charges, like duties and taxes to avoid any surprises. 

Legal Obligations

When you are sending to other EU consumers, you need to read carefully the VAT rules and make sure you have all the details of the export. If you have any additional questions on whether you should charge VAT or not, you should probably consult a specialist that will help you clear these information. 

Alternatively, if you are shipping out of EU, you must always report your sales through the NES [National Export System]. As a general rule, you should always have in mind that your transactions need to be transparent. If you keep this rule with your customers and your transfer partners such as DTI, nothing will go wrong.

Market expansion

A valid order overseas might be exactly what you need in order to enhance your market goals in this particular country. You can use some free resources as well, such as the Department for International Trade and the BCC. These are resources that can be of great use, in order to help you identify the specific market. Google analytics will also help you rank better with your specific targeted market. You can use these tools to expand to a whole new market that has a possible interest for your products and services.

Small business and international export

Most of small, local businesses find international export to be very intimidating. It is actually a very easy procedure once you clear those paths and have clear terms and conditions. Since you can contact all of your customers online, there is no real difficulty in starting an international shipping process.

All you have to do is state your terms and conditions clearly and know your target audience. This is the best path you can follow, and nothing will go wrong with your international shipping process. Boost your market and make your business a competitive one amongst many big businesses around the world.


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