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DX Delivery Services

DX Express offers a next day or scheduled timed delivery services to both businesses and private premises. Employing 5,500 staff they have high vetting standards enabling them to operate an industry leading secure network, moving high value and important shipments. Including handling visa and government important deliveries.

DX UK Prices

DX Express offers a wide range of domestic delivery services including, next day, time deliveries, and sign for or leave safe options. Enabling e-commerce businesses to deliver their products throughout the UK at some of the most competitive prices in the market.

DX Freight offers a service that will move larger and or heavier items than their express arm. Ensuring that DX can be the perfect partner for UK regular senders.

DX Account

If you are interested in sending parcels with DX Courierpoint has access to preferential rates, for daily shippers, sending a minimum of 10 parcels per night. Contact us to see what pricing we can offer.

Shippers will also have access to other exclusive services, such as access to a wide range of other carrier services, and our Free E-commerce tools.


DX E-Commerce Solutions

Free DX shipping tools for e-commerce stores. These enable you to upload and auto process your orders and produce your DX shipping labels automatically for the following platforms.


DX Reviews

Our DX services are rated 5 Stars