Delivery offers

Delivery offers

Online retailers have been presented with tremendous opportunities through the last few years. Trends such as Black Friday might be huge, but could also lead you to completely demolishing your business, if you are not prepared for them. Creating a plan usually revolves around a variety of different factors, but small businesses often neglect the importance of logistics plans and way to ship their goods.

Implementing a good delivery offer might raise your conversion rate by quite a lot not only throughout a specific promotional period, but on a larger scale as well. Imagine having loads of purchases from Hong Kong for example. It is important to be ready to deliver your shipments too. Another thing to be considered is the price to pay for the delivery, regardless of whether you or the customer is covering it. Online shops often make the mistake of opting in for the services of courier giants like DHL, who eat away their profits.

Read on if you want to find some tips on the matter:

Create a clear returns policy

The returns policy of your product should make the customer feel secure that if he receives a defect product, he could return it and have his cash back. Nevertheless many countries and unions have specific laws which tend to the care of their customers. Specific periods are set for unwanted goods, which the customer could take advantage of and send the product back without any reason at all. Not taking that into consideration might put you in a situation where you are legally liable to a lawsuit. Research top companies in your industry and take a note on their return policies in the respective countries they are operating. Not willing to receive back an item that was send, might end up being fatal for your company and reputation.

Make the offer count

Make sure that the delivery price is adequate and affordable. Often customers fill up their basket with items, get to the purchase button, notice the delivery price and simply cancel the whole process, because they are upset. A high delivery price might be offensive to the customer. Getting a quote directly from the carrier like DHL, will be significantly higher than using Courierpoint.

Coordinate with suppliers

Brand awareness will lead to a huge increase in sales. Any company would welcome that. However, if you are unable to deliver the products on time, you risk potentially losing ton of customers. It is vital that your suppliers are fully aware of how your business is developing so that there would be no restrictions to exporting a larger amount of products in shorter duration of time. It would make no sense to gain new customers if you are unable to cater to them.

Following these tips should prepare your business to handle even the most intense situations.


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