Logistics Technology

Logistics Technology

Unlike in the last ten years when logistics used to be defined by trucks and Infrastructure alone, however; technology has now revolutionised and simplified to dramatically alter the execution of logistics. 

From the use of GPS solutions, electronic tolling to electronic vehicle logs, the logistic system has completely changed such that goods and luggage can be delivered to any part of the world safely and quickly. For example, Courierpoint can ship goods to Canada and to other countries quickly and safely in a well-organised and transparent way.

The Use of Bar codes in Logistic Operations

Bar codes contain information regarding the product including the date of manufacture, the order number, serial number of the product, the quantity and the name of the product itself. Bar codes are important because they help in automatically inputting data to the computer system without having to do it manually. When the products are being shipped to the customer, the bar code helps in tracking the product to know where it has reached so as to keep the customer updated. Courier to Canada services the bar code technology to ensure that their clients are updated on the transportation of their goods so as to know when to expect them.

Automation in the Shipping and Order Processing

The automation feature in carrier companies helps buyers to obtain comprehensive information regarding importation and exportation of products in various countries. Nowadays you can calculate how much it will cost you to ship goods from one place to another, you can know the time it will take for your goods to reach that place and you can know the tax and clearance fee that you will be required to pay for you to have your goods. Another advantage is that the automation allows people to use Zip codes to identify the local address of consumers so as to deliver goods in the appropriate location. To ensure excellent and reliable services to clients, UPS has extensively utilised the automation feature to serve clients better than before.

The Emergency of E-Commerce

E-commerce websites are the new online shops where people from across the world can shop or order products any time. At the E-commerce site, you will buy products after seeing them because goods are displayed just like the way offline shops display their products. You can pay online using various means of payment methods, and you get a receipt online. DHL has been shipping products purchased online to various parts of the world without delay and the goods reach the clients safely.

The bottom line is that technology has turned the world into a village where people can shop goods from other countries and receive them within a very short time.


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