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Courier Collection Service

Courierpoint has exclusive low prices for sending parcels around the UK and internationally. We have contracts in place with the best branded domestic and international courier services, that enable you to book a collection for a parcel delivery service, where the driver will come to your door.

You can select a collection date and the driver will come to your house, office or warehouse as per your instructions. We recommend always providing a contact name at the place of collection and their mobile or landline number. This will ensure that if the driver is having trouble locating your collection address, they can simply give a quick call and clarify exactly where they need to be.


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Collection Parcel

Using our courier quote calculator, we can provide you with instant options for any domestic or international parcel delivery work that you submit. The returned results will clearly show if the service offered includes collection, or if it requires you to take the parcel to a local drop off point. These services are usually a little cheaper and can be more convenient than waiting in for a parcel to be collected. If you do choose to select a collection service, please note, that as the drivers accept same-day bookings, it is usually not possible to confirm a collection time.


Parcel Collections For Business

We can schedule daily collections for your business, with the carrier of your choice if you are sending out parcels on a daily basis. If you have a preferred collection time, we will liaise with the local depot and are usually able to set this up for you. You will still have the option to book ad hoc collections for other carriers, which is useful for any international orders that you may have, as different carriers usually specialise in different services.


International Parcel Collection

As we offer a wide range of international discount delivery services, many of these include collection from your choice of location. If you are having an international collection, please ensure that you have your shipping labels and any commercial or proforma invoices ready for the driver upon collection. If these are needed and not available, it can lead to drivers refusing collections and additional rebooking charges.


eBay Parcel Collection

Many clients use our services to collect their eBay items, as our shipping costs are cheaper than the prices quoted by the seller. We are able to do this, just book the collection address where you want us to collect the parcel from and ensure that the local contact person’s details are given. You will also need to download the shipment label after paying for the goods and email over to the point of collection. They will need to print this out and attach it to the parcel ready for the driver to collect. If they are unable to do this, the parcel will not be collected as they need to have our labels with barcodes on, so they can be tracked and monitored whilst in transit.


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