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Japan (2)

Uncovering the costs involved when you send a parcel to Japan

Some of the expenses associated with exporting and importing the products are somehow self-explanatory. For instance storage and transport fees. However, you might be surprised to know that there are hidden costs when you send parcels to Japan. In most cases, these hidden costs can be more expensive than what you originally imagined. Some costs can be less expensive if it is processed by a logistic company such as DHL.

Hidden costs that you should expect when you sent a parcel to Japan

To help you be aware of the exporting expenses that you will need to settle, we’ve added a list of costs that the less experienced exporters may not be aware of. Some sellers also tend to overlook these charges when factoring the entire costs.

Security charges

When you send a parcel to Japan, you need to make sure that it is properly secured to help you minimise the possibility of being exposed to greater expenses. The costs that are involved in your security involve the liability cover. The prices that are related with your liability may vary depending on the service and the size and weight of the parcel you wish to send. DHL might also charge you for storage. 

Other Fees

The processing of your freight involves different fees that you need to settle. When you send a parcel to Japan, you might have to shoulder customs and/or broker fees. 10% GST will also be applied on all duty, insurance, and goods. The rates related with custom duty and license fee may vary depending on the company. DHL will pay the custom duty on their customer’s behalf, but it should be fully repaid in order to successfully deliver the goods to the recipient.

Finally, you may also be charged with certification fee when you send a parcel to Japan. It may involve repacking and testing expenses that will suit the regulations of the country.

Another thing to look at is to make sure the items you are transporting to Japan are all new and unused, as they will not be allowed in the country due to their restrictions.


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