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Expedited Delivery

Expedited or Express delivery services is a description of premium fast delivery services that are delivered in a quicker time than carriers’ standard services.

If you have an urgent document or parcel that needs to be quickly delivered within the UK or worldwide, we have some of the most reliable and fastest delivery services available. We work with the largest global carriers who own their own fleets and aeroplanes, enabling to offer secure and fast worldwide express delivery services. Through Courierpoint you can access these express services at discounted rates, making them very affordable. Just get a quick delivery quote to see the fast delivery times and low prices that we offer.


UK and international express delivery couriers



International Air Express

Our branded carriers offer a range of air express delivery services that can move parcels from the UK to most cities in Europe in only 1-2 working days. This includes countries such as France, Germany and Spain. As well as further away destinations, such as USA, Canada and Australia. Our Priority Express service to USA can deliver to most zip codes before 10.30 am. Wherever you need to get your shipment delivered quickly, short of talking it there yourself on the next flight out, we have a reliable fast and cost effective way for you to send your urgent parcels.


UK Express Delivery Services

We have a wide range of next day delivery services, that include premium timed deliveries such as before 9am, before 10.30am and before 12pm. You can also select sign for delivery options and even Saturday deliveries for your urgent orders. Our UK express orders are usually used for expensive and important deliveries and are priorities by the drivers over their other deliveries.

Most of our express networks employ their own drivers with tracking of company owned vehicles, route planning and automatic uploading of signatures and delivery notifications for your own peace of mind.


Express Parcel Delivery for Businesses

Businesses can access a complete range of express services through our booking portal. You can set up automated shipping preferences to automatically allocate the express delivery services of your choice to uploaded shipments. We have a wide range of free shipping integrations that enable businesses to upload their sales automatically and create all of their shipping labels in just a couple of clicks.


Free Shipping Integrations


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