Middle East (2)

Middle East (2)

Many companies have focused on exporting to the Middle East, due to its rapid growth over time. The progress taking place every single year in this region makes it a fertile market for all prospective growing businesses. However, exporters need to do extensive research and gather all the necessary information prior to expanding themselves.

Once they have gathered all the information they need, they can start exporting by sending parcel to UAE and benefiting from productive agreements internationally. So what makes the Middle East such an attractive place to export?

First and foremost, unparalleled growth takes place every year in the UAE. Millions of tourists and corporate travellers visit the area, which offers amazing opportunities to exporters to send their merchandise and benefit from an increased targeted audience. Experts and people from all over the world have accessed the Middle East, in order to work and improve their living conditions.

UAE offers a multi-cultural environment, where there is always room for discovering new things and trying out different experiences. In such a positive environment, it goes without even questioning that exporters may grow their business and find a welcoming option in terms of marketing.

Assuming that you find a reliable international courier services like FedEx, the exporters will be comfortable to send their merchandise and keep track of their sales at any given time. They may send any parcel to UAE effortlessly, always at the most reasonable rates available in the global market.

Tax Profits in the Middle East

As it turns out, there are UAE Free Trade Zones that allow international businesses to grow without any limitations. Unlike other parts of the Middle East, where there needs to be at least 51% local ownership of the company, the free trade zones lift these problems. What is more, they offer zero corporate tax for at least 15 years. This is an impressive way to welcome foreign businesses and help them grow in their area.

Foreign investment is embraced in UAE, while there are ways for UK companies to overcome any problems with bureaucracy and tax towards making profit from exports. There is also the possibility of prolonging the zero tax policy for many more years to come, which is even greater for foreign exporters.

An Ever-growing Market at Your Disposal

The Middle East constitutes one of the finest investing opportunities in the entire world, thanks to its prolonged financial prosperity and the continuous growth aspects. It is a welcoming place, where corporate alliances multiply and where everyone is able to export goods and benefit from a rich and abundant market.

If you are determined to become an exporter in the market of Dubai and other places of the Arab world, make sure to find the right courier services that will never fail you. Courierpoint is definitely one of the top options, as far as sending any parcel to UAE.


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