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Parcel delivery to Hong Kong

As an ex British colony, Hong Kong has very close ties to the United Kingdom. Most of the older generation grew up being educated in English within the public school system, making the Hong Kongese ideal in trading with the English speaking markets around the world. Not only do the Hong Kong people have this linguistic advantage against other Asian countries, but they also have an understanding of Western commercialism. This helps them to have a similar mindset to their English-speaking clients, which is why they commonly provide a conduit between Western retailers and China manufacturers. As a result, many UK businesses source Far East products through Hong Kong. This has made Hong Kong one of the busiest destinations that our business customers send parcels to. Courierpoint.com is an authorised reseller of large branded courier services. We qualify for huge discounts from our carriers because of the thousands of parcels we send each year to Hong Kong. This enables us to offer very cheap prices for parcel delivery to Hong Kong, to businesses that need to send there.


Cheap Parcel to Hong Kong

See how cheap and competitive our rates are for sending documents and parcels to Hong Kong.

Parcel Weight Price Quote & Book
0.5 KG Letter to Hong Kong £36.16 Quote & Order
1.0 KG Letter to Hong Kong £41.41 Quote & Order
5.0 KG Package to Hong Kong £85.26 Quote & Order


Sending to Hong Kong

Being the Pearl of the Orient, Hong Kong has grown to become a major trade hub in Asia. With a total population of over 7 million, Hong Kong and the UK enjoy strong economic ties, which ensures that you can send parcels from the UK to Hong Kong without any hassle. At Courierpoint we have made shipping parcels to Hong Kong from the UK hassle-free. We have exclusive rates for our clients with the best international courier services. This makes getting your package to the financial centre of the world trade faster and cheaper.




Shipping to Hong Kong

Whether you are shipping to Sha Tin or Tung Chung or any remote area, we will ensure that your deliveries get to Hong Kong on time, in good condition and at the best rate. Contact us today to get the best quote for your shipping to Hong Kong and see how much you could save.


Cheapest parcel delivery service to Hong Kong

To see how competitive our prices to Hong Kong are, please enter the size and weight of shipment into our instant quote facility. Then we will display our best prices and information about the services available, such as the transit time and liability cover. To ensure that your parcels always arrive in good condition, it is important that the contents of your parcel are well wrapped. We also recommend nothing should touch the sides of a box and new boxes should be used. This will help to ensure that your goods always arrive in good condition. Along with your parcel and its shipping label, you will also need to provide an invoice for customs clearance. This can be either a commercial invoice if the goods are being sold, or a pro-forma invoice. It must contain an itemised list of your contents and their value. We also recommend that you include the commodity code for each product. As this will help to ensure that Hong Kong customs identify and classify your goods correctly.


Courier to Hong Kong

We also move a lot of parcels to Hong Kong for the Hong Kong community that live and work in the UK. As they often want to send parcel to family and friends, especially before the Chinese New Year. Our economy pricing ensures that they do this at the lowest possible rates. Whatever you need to send to Hong Kong, please have a look at some of our reviews, that our clients have written about us. We are very proud to have an average 5-star rating and will continue to support our clients as much as possible to keep them this happy going forward.


Hong Kong Shipping Reviews

Our Shipping to Hong Kong services are rated 5 Star