Parcel's journey

Parcel's journey

Our carriers have a long and proud history that have seen them delivering parcels successfully to destinations all over the world. Despite the millions of deliveries they’ve undertaken though, every single one of these consignments matters hugely to us and them as well.

Subsequently, thorough and meticulous checks and processes are carried out for every booked parcel. In other words, your parcels don’t just go from A to B – there’s much more to it than that.

In this post we’ve detailed just what’s involved in your parcel’s journey to its destination and broken this down for you into ten steps. This covers an ordered delivery from one part of the UK to another.

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Steps to a successful Courierpoint delivery

  • Online booking

The first part of the process of course is you make your booking on our website or by getting in contact with us. By doing this you will have arranged a time for our couriers to collect your goods.

  • Personal preparation and collection

Following this you then will need to package and wrap up your parcels and simply wait for the driver to collect your parcels. Then one of our expert couriers will collect this and take it to the nearest sorting depot.

  • The first local stop

The courier/driver will drop your parcel at the local TNT collection depot quickly and securely and hand it over to the staff there.

  • Scanned and sorted

Next, the staff and warehouse operators will scan and sort your parcel so it is officially registered.

  • On to the shipment area

Once it’s fully scanned and registered your parcel travels through a series of conveyor belts, or is taken to the shipment area applicable to the part of the country you wish to send it to. Here, your parcel is then held until the right transport truck is available.

  • Loaded on to a new truck

Our carriers warehouse staff then carefully load your parcel onto the large transport truck with the other consignments that need to go to the hub that serves the area in which your parcel is to be delivered.

  • The Main Hub

After safely traveling in the large truck, your parcel arrives at the main hub. Here the parcel is again checked and sorted before being sent on again to the delivery depot nearest the final destination.

  • Next delivery depot

The parcel then gets sent to the last delivery depot where it is loaded onto the final delivery driver’s truck.

  • Ready to dispatch

The parcel – now ready to be sent – travels securely in the truck.

  • Delivered to destination

Your delivered parcel’s journey finally comes to an end as it is safely delivered to the right address on time.

So remember…

The next time you have a package you want to have delivered, if you choose Courierpoint you’ll appreciate just how much effort goes on behind the scenes when dealing with your parcel. What’s more, you can rest assured we’ll be taking care of it and that we are always doing our very best to get it to its destination.


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