Alloy wheels

Alloy wheels

Shipping alloy wheels may seem like a lot of hassle, but Courierpoint can help you ship your wheels cheaply and quickly. The most important thing to note when shipping alloy wheels is that you must protect the rims from damage. If the rims of a wheel are dented or bent out of shape it could become impossible to securely attach a tire. It can also prove dangerous to drive with damaged rims. Either way, you want your wheels to arrive in the best possible condition so your customer / friend is not left disgruntled.

Following our guide below will help you ensure that your wheels will arrive at their location undamaged. During this guide, we will assume that you are shipping a full set of alloy wheels. If you are not sending 4, then follow the same steps but enjoy the cheaper shipping (as your package will weigh less).

Before you begin to package your alloy wheels, make sure that you have the materials and tools that you need. You must have a few rolls of bubble wrap ready as you will use a lot of it to protect your shipment.

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How to Pack Alloy Wheels

  • Cut a cardboard box so you are left with 4 squares of cardboard. Cut strips about as thick as three fingers from these squares. Place a strip of cardboard along each rim of each wheel. You will need to use several strips of cardboard to cover each rim. Secure the cardboard to the rims using packaging tape. Fastening cardboard to each rim helps prevent any damage to the rims during transport.
  • Cut large strips of bubble wrap. We recommend using the heaviest grade of bubble wrap that you can find. If possible, use tubular bubble wrap as this provides the best possible protection for your alloy wheels.
  • Wrap bubble wrap around the wheel. Focus mainly on the rims as these are the points most likely to get damaged during transit. Use packaging tape to fasten the bubble wrap to the wheel. Be as generous as you can, you want to cover the rims to the point where they will be protected from any drop.
  • Wrap a final layer of bubble wrap over the full wheel. You don’t have to worry about the middle of the wheel as it is very unlikely that it will be subject to any trauma during shipment.
  • Take multiple pictures of the wheels, this is evidence that you have packaged them well in the event of an insurance claim.
  • Place a good layer of packaging peanuts at the bottom of the box and place the 2 wheels in each box (you will need 2 boxes if you are sending a full set), one on top of the other. Fill the box with packaging peanuts and press them into every space you can see. Continue to add peanuts and pressing them down so that there is no space for the wheels to move around.
  • Seal up the box, being generous with the packaging tape.
  • Weigh and measure your package and enter the measurements into the booking system. Print out your postage labels and simply either drop off your parcel at your chosen drop-off location or wait for your chosen courier to collect the parcel.


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