Small sellers

Small sellers

Decided to venture into the online business? Well done...That's what we call a smart, exciting and brave move. Selling online is an intelligent decision for an aspiring entrepreneur.

Runing a website has never been easier with the variety of options available to help you run a successful online business. However, there is just a small issue of transporting your products – this is one area which if not decided smartly could give even the most experienced online stores the worst of nightmares. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to choose wisely who will represent your business when delivering your goods to the customers.

There are a few factors that you should take into consideration:

Price – Are you willing to pay a premium for a faster and comprehensive delivery service such as an Express service? You definitely don't want to go blowing your profits on costly couriers on services that you or your customers don't need.

Reliability – You will need a courier service that wouldn't let you down. Each time you promise a delivery, you put your company's reputation on the line. Check that your courier company provides for online tracking and if they offer a proof of delivery. Also do not forget to check their ratings on an online review site such as Trustpilot.

Speed of Delivery – Think about how quickly you want your customer to have their package delivered to them. How long are your customers happy to wait? Whatever the business needs just make sure their speed is supported by accuracy and care. For example; an express service when your customers are very price sensitive and would be prepared to wait an extra day or two if they can save money.

Ease of Doing Business – Can you order online easily? What is ther invoicing procedure? You want to choose a company that makes your life easier, not more difficult.

The Customer Experience – Last but certainly not the least, is the company you are considering friendly and pleasant to deal with? You may be interacting with these people on a daily basis, so why not choose someone who makes you glad to work with? Nobody likes a grumpy courier, nobody. A courier service with an outstanding customer service knows how to run a business effectively. Always remember that couriers are the face of the business – they become an extension of your brand.

To sum it all up a little about our company, Courierpoint Ltd is an UK based company with our Head office in London. Over the last 16 years we have supplied discounted branded courier services to thousands of businesses, online stores and individuals throughout the UK. By leveraging our shipment volume we are able to re-sell UK and International branded courier services at some of the most competitive courier prices in the marketplace.

Our London based Customer Service Team, is made up of knowledgeable staff focused on supporting all of our clients shipping needs. All calls are promptly answered by a team member to ensure high standards of customer care.

We continue to develop innovative applications that simplify and manage clients shipping from one place. Our systems are easy to use and ensure accurate on-time delivery of your packages. We are very proud that the bulk of our work is from returning clients and recommendations.


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