Before you work out exactly what you want to send to Australia, the first task is to do your homework and check what items the major courier networks will not carry, so that your shipment travels without any problems.

1, Prohibited and Restricted items

Some items are prohibited or restricted from being sent to Australia.

Check Courierpoint’s Prohibited and Restricted item lists here

So that you know the goods that you want to send can actually be sent.

2, How to pack your goods.

You can pack your goods into either new cardboard double walled boxes or suitcases.

Any item that is fragile needs to be wrapped in bubble wrap to protect it from damage.

Nothing fragile should directly touch the outer edge of the box or case.

Nothing should be able to move within the box or case.

Keep a list of all the items packed into each box or case.

Uses boxes with a length under 120csms is ensure easy moving.

3, Measure the size of each piece.

You need to measure the length, width and height of each box or case.

You must include any handles.

If it package is an odd shape, you need to measure it as if it is inside a box.

Write down the measurements of each box or case.

4, Weigh each box or case

You need to get the weight of each box or case that you are sending and write it down.

Ideally keep the weight of each box or case to under 30 kilos so that it is easy to move around by one man.

5, Duty and Taxes,

All shipments entering Australia are assessed by local customs to see if any import duty and taxes are due. You will not be charged import duty or taxes if you meet the following conditions:-

1, You must arrive from a Country outside of Australia,

2, You must meet all permanent residency requirements, and the contents of your shipment must be:-

  • your personal property
  • suitable and only intended for your use whilst in Australia
  • Owned for at least the previous 12 months

This concession does not apply to motor vehicles, motor vehicle parts, tobacco and tobacco products and alcoholic beverages.

To get this import duty concession you will need to complete a Unaccompanied Personal Effects Statement (B534 Form) and give it to the carrier who collects your boxes or cases. Our system booking system will automatically complete this form for you as part of our process, to help you to have a trouble free shipment.

6, Compare discounted services and prices

Visit and get use our shipment calculator to get the instant quotes from branded international carriers for sending your shipment to Australia.

Compare the quotes and select the service that you would like to use, the despatch date and pay for your shipping.

 Print out copies of all your shipping documents, remember to print an extra copy for your records.

Attach a copy of each bar coded shipping label to each box or case

Put an extra copy of each shipping label inside each box or case, in-case they come off so your shipments can easily be identified.

7, Despatch and Track

Your selected international courier service, will send a van and a driver to collect your shipment.

All your boxes / cases will have their shipping labels scanned on collection.

At each point the shipment moves through a hub or vehicle each of your boxes / cases will be scanned.

You can monitor the movement of your shipment through our tracking facility at

8, Inspect your delivered shipment.

The carrier will submit your documents to Australian customs and clear the shipment for you. Once customs cleared it will be delivered to your delivery address.

Please inspect the boxes and goods and sign for them in good condition.


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