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Parcel Shop Drop Off

You no longer need to wait in for your collection driver to make your parcel collection. Courierpoint has arrangement with many of our carrier partners, for you to be able to utilise thousands of their local drop off shops throughout the UK. So that you can now drop off a parcel locally at your convenience.


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Drop Off Parcel Price

As you do not need to have a driver come out to your location, usually the cost of using a local drop off, or courier point as we prefer to call them, is lower than organising a collection. When you enter details of your shipment into our parcel delivery quote tool, the results that come up with clearly show which is including collection or offering a local drop off store option.


Drop Off Shop Near Me

Against each of our quote results that offer drop off service, is a tool for you to enter a postcode where your parcel is and this allows you to search and view all the locations around this postcode before you confirm your order. So you can know exactly where you will be dropping off your parcel and the locations’ opening hours before the order is placed.


International Parcel Drop Off Shop

You can drop off international parcels as well as domestic ones. We have access to thousands of local drop off locations throughout the UK that will accept international parcels. This will enable you to have the convenience of not having to wait in for a driver. Our top tip is to make sure that if you are taking an international parcel to a drop off point that is for delivery outside of the EU, such as Australia or USA, that you remember to pre-print all of the shipping labels and any proforma or commercial invoices, otherwise the shipment may be held.


eBay Parcel Drop Off

If you are buying or selling eBay goods, our drop off locations make sending your parcels easy and cheap. As a buyer, you can select a drop off service, print a shipping label and email it over to the seller. They can simply print the label and drop the parcel off at the selected drop off point. As a seller it is also just as easy and you can even make use of our automated eBay shipping free service, that enables you upload your orders and automatically process them in just a couple of clicks.


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