Missed collection

Missed collection

Even though courier companies have generally a high success rate, occasionally things can go wrong. In the world of shipping, there are many situations that can lead to an uncollected shipment. If the courier didn’t turn out on the date that you selected for the pick-up your parcel, read on to learn what must have happened.

Reasons related to the address, that will impede the courier to collect the parcel

You will be faced with an uncollected shipment if your address cannot be reached (it is either incomplete or incorrect), if there are maintenance works around the building and they hinder the access of the courier or if the address is located in a remote area (and thus, courier companies serve the area only on certain days of the week).

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Uncollected shipment from a company’s premises

It is very common for people to order the collection of a package from the headquarters of a company. While this should be an easy job, in reality, it turns out to be more complicated than expected. Most often, customers don’t indicate the name of the contact person in the company. So, many times, the courier will not be able to collect the parcel simply because nobody is informed about the collection request.

Therefore, make sure you always add a contact name in the company when you fill out any order forms for courier services.

Uncollected shipment due to multiple failed pick-up attempts

Unsuccessful collections may occur due to different reasons. What is more important is to note that after a few collection attempts, the courier company will cancel the collection for the order after which you will need to contact the courier company to reschedule the collection.

External factors

Weather and traffic conditions, road closures, accidents and traffic jams can all lead to an unsuccessful collection. In such cases, an uncollected shipment will be rescheduled for pick-up in one of the following working dates.

Technical problems

Regardless of the reliability of a certain courier company, technical issues are deemed to occur. Sometimes, unfortunately, they are out of the courier’s control and they can temporarily lead to a shortage of services. If the courier driver doesn’t arrive on your chosen date and you are left with an uncollected shipment, once again, check with the company to see if they face some unexpected technical problems.

To conclude, there are many reasons for an unsuccessful collection and uncollected shipment. Bottom line, you should always reach out to the courier company to find out more information. Don’t just assume that you will be informed. While informing the clients whenever a problem occurs is a common practice, it is also on you to try to get an explanation whenever things don’t go by the book.


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