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Parcel delivery to Poland

Poland is a beautiful Central European country with stunning medieval architecture and breath-taking scenery covering an area of 312,696 square kilometres. With a population of around 38 million and only a 2-hour flight from the UK, Poland has many great business ties with the UK.

Poland boasts the largest stock exchange in the East-Central European zone, making it a chief financial and business hub in the area. 

With many Poles fleeing to the UK for sanctuary during the Second World War, with several playing a very active role in the Battle of Britain as part of the Royal Air Force, Poland and the United Kingdom have forged some very strong friendships and bonds indeed.

It is crucial that any mail sent to Poland is delivered fast and as smoothly as possible. Allow Courierpoint to relieve you of any postal stress and deliver your mail to Poland using only the most reliable and reputable companies around. With Courierpoint, you can post with confidence, knowing that your important documents and parcels will arrive safely and on time.

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Cheap Parcel to Poland

See how cheap and competitive our rates are for sending documents and parcels to Poland.

Parcel Weight Price Quote & Book
0.5 KG Letter to Poland £40.49 Quote & Order
1.0 KG Letter to Poland £49.32 Quote & Order
5.0 KG Package to Poland £76.94 Quote & Order


Sending to Poland

It is not just the Polish community within the UK that is using our services to send parcels to Poland. Our services were originally set up to enable small businesses to take advantage of our discounted prices when sending documents and parcels abroad. Now many UK businesses are having goods manufactured in Poland and therefore need to send lots of parcels to factories in Poland. Courierpoint.com offers both an air express service and an economy service delivered by air and road. We therefore have a service to meet most of the needs of businesses delivering parcels to Poland.





Large parcel to Poland

We can move large parcels up to 65 kilos per piece or 1000 kg if palletised to any location within Poland by road. When sending a large parcel to Poland, it is important to use the correct packaging. We recommend that all parcels have their contents wrapped in bubble wrap and that nothing touches the side of the box. All boxes should be new and double walled to protect the contents and this is especially important for heavier boxes.


Fast delivery to Poland

Did you know that we deliver letters and parcels to Poland the next working day on our fast air express service? Depending on the city we also have upgrade options that enable to arrange to have it delivered as a priority before a set time. Allowing urgent documents to be delivered to Warsaw before 10am the next working day. All moved by the best, fastest and most reliable international couriers.


Courier to Poland

Do you need to use an international courier service that will deliver documents and parcels throughout Poland at the most economical prices? Then you have found the perfect partner. As an authorised reseller of some of the best international couriers, we can offer discounted prices on very reliable international courier services. Including next day delivery to major Polish cities or slower road delivery services. Whatever you need to courier to Poland, we have a solution and all your work is supported by our experienced customer service team.


Shipping to Poland

We are one of the largest online resellers of courier services, as a result we are able to offer the services of some of the largest branded international courier services at discounted prices. Through Courierpoint.com you are able to arrange to have a parcel shipped from any address in the UK and delivered on a door to door service to any address within Poland. Most of the parcels that we deliver go to the main Polish cities including, Warsaw, Krakow and Lodz.


Pallet to Poland

We offer discounted pallet delivery services to all major Polish cities. Our pallet networks are sending pallets out from the UK and Poland on a daily basis. We offer some of the most competitive rates for economy and timed pallet deliveries from the UK to Warsaw, Krakow and Lodz. Please contact customer services for your individual quotation. 


Gifts to Poland

Sending gifts from the UK to anywhere is Poland is easy and economical. There is no import duty to pay, and with our road services you can have boxes delivered to loved ones in 2-3 working days. Get an instant online quote now.


Personal belongings to Poland

As Poland is in the EU, we have a free trade agreement. This means that when you send your parcels into Poland, there is no additional duty or taxes for your to pay. This means that that consumers in Poland can have peace of mind when they buy something online from the UK and the government will not charge extra money when it comes into the country. Before you send any parcels into Poland please have a look at the reviews our clients have given us for our parcel to Poland service. We are very pleased to be consistently given a 5star rating as we are only as good as our clients feel we are.


Cheapest parcel delivery service to Poland

With Poland joining the European Union, the opportunity of finding work within Britain became a reality and many now benefit from a large Polish community living and working in Britain. As a result, many people now need to send parcels from the UK to Poland for birthdays, anniversaries and gifts to family members and friends. In the past people would post parcels home from the local Royal Mail post office. However now many people are looking for what alternative services are available online by searching online. One option that many people are using is www.courierpoint.com.

We offer some of the cheapest rates for sending parcels from the UK throughout Poland. Using us is easy and quotations are online and instant. So please have a look at the low prices we can offer for your specific shipment.


Drop off service for parcel to Poland

For added convenience, we offer thousands of local drop off points, where you can leave a parcel for delivery Poland, avoiding the need to wait in for a collection. We are always looking for ways to make sending your parcel, easier and more convenient.


Import from Poland

If you need to organise an import from Poland to the UK, we are able to arrange for a branded international courier to collect the shipment and return it on a door to door service at the cheapest possible price. We can offer imports by road or by air depending on the timescale you need. Import quotes are instant and available online.


Poland Shipping Reviews

Our Shipping to Poland services are rated 5 Star