Was your parcel collected but you are not able to check its transit? There are a few possible reasons why your package cannot be traced.

Tracking tools and tracking numbers:
Nowadays, most of the logistics companies provide their clients with the tracking instruments which helps them follow and check the transit of their parcels.

However, note that this doesn’t apply to all types of courier services. The tracking information might not be available for some particular shipping services.

If they do provide a tracking number for you to be able to follow the progress of your package, the logistics company usually makes it available either one day prior to the collection date or even on the day of collection.

However, note that most of the time, the tracking system will display more information only after the package is collected. So, if you can’t track your parcel, the reason might be simply because no data is available since the package is still with you. 

Check your order status:
A tracking number is issued only when your order is confirmed with a logistics service provider. If you didn’t receive a tracking number, the reason could be that your order hasn’t been confirmed yet. You will want to contact the company and check that with them to avoid any delays.

I have a tracking number, but still, I can’t track my package:
Unless you are using a shipping, service which requires you to print the shipping label, in most of the cases, you will receive the tracking number via email.

Although not common, this tracking number might differ from the one listed on the shipping label that the courier driver will bring. So, if you are trying to track your parcel using the number you received via email, the system will not display any information.

In this case, try using the number on the label which will most certainly be the right one to track your parcel with.

If I can’t track my parcel, does it mean that it was not mailed?
The logistics provider’s tracking system is updated every time when a parcel is scanned in a local depot. If you don’t see any new information, just check again later. It might be that your parcel is still in transit and hasn’t reached yet a new depot.

Can’t track my package with the logistics company’s tracking tools:
In this case, it is better if you contact directly the courier company in order to get up to date information. Their tracking system might not be functional at the moment when you try to check the location of your parcel. So, the best way is to get in touch with them.


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