Here are a few points that will help you to use our web site and should ensure that your deliveries arrive in good condition and on time.

Collection and Delivery

Contact customer service and we will reschedule your collection. Please note that if a collection fails through no fault of ours, there is an additional charge for resending a driver.
If you have a regular sender account (one where you send ten packages of more per collection at least once a week), we can set up scheduled daily or set day collections for the driver to come in.

If you are placing orders on an as needed basis (ad hoc), the service selected will display what collection window is available.

Ad hoc services that offer same day collection can be booked until 2:30pm and collection will be made from the time of booking until 5:30pm.

If you select another day forcollection it will be scheduled between 9.30am and 5.30pm. Aseach drivers’route is constantly amended as orders are placed, we are unable to confirm a more specific collection specific time.
We do provide import services directly on our website, however we cannot provide services from 3rd country to 3rd country.
Although we move boxes, we also handle envelopes, flyer bags and jiffy bags with our normal services.
Unless a specific time window has been agreed, collections can be made anytime during the normal business day.
Our services do not offer guaranteed collections. As brokers we pass your booking onto your selected courier in good faith and we have very few failed collections. If the fault of the failed collection is the courier’s then you can reschedule the collection or cancel and have a full refund. However no compensation can be paid.
Courierpoint.com is a courier broker and as we do not physically collect your packages, we do not know when a collection fails. If in the unlikely event your collection does fail, please contact customer services so that we can reschedule your collection with the courier.
The transit times against each service are guide transit times only and not guaranteed. The guide transit times are achieved in over 98% of our shipments, if a shipment does take longer to deliver than the guide time no compensation is provided.
Always track your shipments, to see their delivery status. The information provided online will usually answer your question. If it does not please get in touch with customer services and we will look into it for you.
Guide transit times are given by carriers to indicate the expected number of working days it should take for first attempt to deliver a document to the receiver in a main city in the UK or overseas. This guide is only valid if the document is collected from a main city. The day the document is collected is not included in the number of working days quoted. For example, if the guide transit time is two days and your document is collected on a Thursday, delivery may be expected the following Monday if it is not a public holiday either in the UK or the destination country. Shipments other than documents may be subject to customs procedures that are beyond the control of the carrier and any delays that may occur due to these are not included in the guide transit times.
We can process a change of delivery address request, however as the shipment is already in transit it is not guaranteed that this can done. If the delivery address is changed successfully at any time by either the sender or receiver, through us or directly with a carrier, please note that there is an additional charge that will apply.
Shipments are collected by the carrier on the same day or the next working day that they are dropped off. Transit times are quoted from when the carrier collects a shipment from the drop off point. Tracking scans are generated only after collection by the carrier.
Delivery will be attempted initially at the specified delivery address. It can be accepted on behalf of the named receiver by any person at the address. If no-one is in to accept the shipment the driver will attempt to deliver the shipment to a neighbour and leave a card at the correct address with details of who the shipment has been left with. If the driver cannot deliver to the specified address or a neighbour they will leave a card and ask the receiver to contact the depot to reschedule delivery and return to the depot with the shipment.

Customs Information

Shipments within the E.U. are free of duty and taxes. For shipments sent outside of the E.U, duty or taxes may be due. They will be based on the products or commodities you are sending and the import duty rates set by the country they are being delivered to for that commodity. If you want to find out whether duty and taxes will be charged, you need to contact HMRC and get a classification code for the contents you are sending. Then contact the embassy of the Country to which you are sending the goods to ask if they charge duty on the import of goods that have your commodity code and value. If duty and taxes are due they are defaulted to the receiver of the shipment who will be asked to pay them before the goods can be released or cleared from customs. We cannot provide detailed information on duty and taxes or get involved in the customs clearance process.
Please describe the contents of the package as clearly and accurately as possible. If the package is going outside of the E.U. then a commercial invoice or pro-forma invoice is needed that lists all the items, their quantity and value. Our Courierpoint.com online booking system will automatically produce the right paperwork for you if required.
When the goods you are sending are sold to the receiver then the normal invoice you give to the customer should be adequate as a commercial invoice, providing it contains clear and accurate details of the goods. If the goods are not being sold to the receiver, e.g. they are a sample or a gift, then a pro-forma invoice is required. This will normally be the same as a commercial invoice but will be headed pro-forma invoice and contain a statement as to why the goods are not being paid for, e.g. gift, sample etc.
Please declare the replacement value of the goods that you are sending. If you have sold the goods the invoice should declare the sale value of the items. All goods must have a declared value: only unbound documents can have no value declared.
Please note that customs departments will review all the documentation provided with a shipment. Please ensure you are as clear and accurate as possible to ensure the smooth clearance of your consignments. If you flagrantly misrepresent the contents of your shipment it may be seized and you may be the subject of criminal charges.

Lost or Damaged Shipments

If a shipment is presented to the receiver for delivery and the outside is clearly damaged then it must be signed for as damaged. The clearest way to do this is to write the word DAMAGED where you would normally sign your name. Please note that if a shipment is simply signed for the carrier will take this as evidence it was delivered in good conditions and may invalidate a subsequent claim. It is not adequate to have signed for a shipment as UNEXAMINED if you subsequently try to make a claim.
Yes, you will need to retain the original packaging whilst a claim is being processed. This is because the packaging may need to be reviewed by the claims department to ascertain that it was sufficient to protect the contents.
All services come with some inclusive transit cover. The level of cover varies according to the service and weight being despatched. When you book a shipment the level of included cover is displayed in the service description. Additional transit cover is also available to buy on some services.
Only the person who placed the shipment order can raise a claim. This person should contact customer services and we will send out a basic claim form for you to complete. You will need to supply photos of the packaging and damaged goods if applicable. Proof of the replacement value, usually your purchase receipt, will also be required.
In the event of a shipment being not delivered or being delivered damaged, to raise a carrier liability claim it must be reported in writing within 5 days of the delivery date.
The length of time a claim takes to be settled varies by carrier. It is usually between four and eight weeks.
Each carrier has a list of prohibited items that must not be sent under any circumstances and a list restricted items that can be sent if certain restrictions are accepted. These lists vary by carrier and service, e.g. some items cannot be carried on an air service but can be carried on a road service. Once you have selected a service during the ordering process we provide a link to the prohibited and restricted items that apply to that specific service. If you need more help please contact customer services and we will go through your options.
When a liability claim is made for a damaged item and the carrier agrees that the damage was their fault they will pay the cost price of the replacement goods up to the amount of cover. They will also refund the carriage charges. They will not pay for the damaged item to be returned. On request we can usually arrange to have the item collected and returned, however the costs of this collection and delivery will have to be paid by the person who books it.
All of our services include transit cover for goods that are carried and the maximum amount of this cover is listed against each service. For some services enhanced transit liability can be bought to cover a shipment of higher value goods. If enhanced transit liability is available it is shown against the service description in the booking process. Enhanced transit liability can be claimed in full if the consignment is lost or the all the contents are damaged beyond economical repair. In the event of a partial loss, the liability is provided on a proportional basis. E.g. If 10% of the value of a consignment is damaged; the maximum value that can be claimed is 10% of the transit liability.

Other Shipment Questions

We prefer clients to use our automated web site as this should be the quickest and easiest way for you to book a collection. If you have any difficulties with the online booking process please contact us and we will try and resolve them.
Some services require you to print a label and attach this to the parcel ready for the carrier to collect. When a label is required we will always display PRINTER REQUIRED in the first line of the service description.
Please contact Courierpoint.com customer service and we will try and assist you with any changes to the order. Please note an admin fee may apply.
You must enter on the web site complete and accurate address information together with contact information including a name and phone number of someone at the delivery address when ordering your shipment. Ensure a Post Code or Zip Code is entered if the destination country has Post Codes or Zip Codes. Please note, except to the some Middle East countries, delivery to a PO Box is not possible as all services offered are signed for. When you have completed your order you must print out the package labels and attach one securely to each package. Shipping packages with any other package label than the one printed from our web site may result in your package not being delivered or attracting additional charges.
Each package that is sent through a courier delivery service needs to be packaged to withstand the journey. Packages should be able to be positioned on any side, be able to have other items placed on top of them and be able to withstand small bumps and short drops. Your contents should not touch the outer box and be completely surrounded by packaging to protect your contents. If the contents of a package are delivered damaged, but the packaging is undamaged on the outside, then the packaging will be deemed insufficient and no claim can be made.
To ensure that the service is suitable for the size and weight of your package we do need this information. If you underestimate a size of weight for a package then additional carriage charges may be due plus an administration charge.
Carriers calculate the chargeable weight of a shipment by comparing the physical weight of the pieces in your shipment with their dimensional weight. The greater of the physical weight or the dimension weight is the chargeable weight. The dimensional weight is based on the size of the pieces in your shipmentit is not their physical weight. For example a 2 kilo large box of filled with feathers, will take more space in a vehicle than a 2 kilo smaller box of bricks. Carriers charge more for moving larger boxes than smaller ones with the same physical weight. They do this by calculating the dimensional weight of each piece in a shipment. The dimensional weightof a box is usually calculated as:- length in cms x width in cms x height in cms / 5000. However this can vary, so please contact customer service for confirmation of the dimensional weight calculation for a specific service. Our system automatically calculates the chargeable weight based on theinformation you declare. Please note that if you send heavier or larger pieces in your shipment than we quote for, the chargeable weight for your shipment may change.
Some products are prohibited for transportation through our services, whilst some commodities can be accepted but are excluded from our goods in transit liability cover. Click Here – to download a list of Prohibited and Restricted commodities.
A shipment can be returned to the sender by the carrier without notice if:-
1, Incorrect or missing shipping labels or paperwork were not supplied to the driver at the point of collection or given to the drop off shop at the point despatch.
2, Incorrectly declared goods or prohibited goods are found within the consignment.
3,The delivery address, advises that the receiver is not known there.
Any shipment returned to the sender will incur a return charge.


We accept the following types of credit and debit card; Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and Electron. Clients who have regular sender accounts can also top up their pre-pay accounts by making a Bank Transfer to our account. Please contact customer service for more information.
Not usually, however subject to status we will consider requests for credit accounts for Regular Senders.

Prepay Accounts

A Pre-Pay account is for clients who deposit payments into their account before ordering shipments. Then as they order shipments the cost is deducted from the deposited amount and invoices automatically raised. As the funds are already on deposit the checkout process is instant and allows for quick order processing for Regular Senders.
The minimum Pre-Pay account deposit is £50:00.
All pre-payments remain valid indefinitely, as long as it is used at least once every 12 months. If the account is not used for 12 months the payment will expire.
Please contact Courierpoint customer services to arrange withdrawal of any Pre-Pay account deposits. Please note, bonuses or good will credits cannot be withdrawn.
When you log into your user area, please click on the £ Payment tab. Within this tab please click on the Top Up button and follow the instructions to make a deposit.

5 Star Rated Delivery Services

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