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Books & toys

When we talk about how to pack items for shipping, we usually think that it would be difficult to pack larger stuff. However, it is equally important to know the right techniques for simple objects. In this case, we will tell you how you should pack toys and books for shipping.

We have given you some packing tips to help you pack larger items or items harder to pack, like tents, surfboards, bikes and so on. However, the simple things in life are not as simple as they seem. Sometimes, when you are in the middle of a situation, it might be difficult to decide the right way to pack toys and books for shipping, as simple as it may sound. Although you might feel like you can leave these kinds of things behind, toys and books have sentimental value. That is why you don’t want to leave them behind. With this article, we want to show you how to pack toys and books for shipping, and you will agree that with the right technique, it is fairly easy.

What do you need?
Packaging Material and Supplies
1. Plastic Pouches – for packing small accompaniments
2. Cardboard Box – for packing the toys and books in it (it should be sturdy; it can be new or used)
3. Foam – for internal cushioning of the cardboard box
4. Bubble Wraps – for securing individual parts
5. Packing Peanuts – for internal cushioning of the cardboard box
6. Duct Tape – for sealing the box

Where to get the supplies?
1. Plastic Pouches – Any stationery store, hardware store or supermarket
2. Cardboard Box – Any stationery store or hardware store, you can get used ones in supermarkets or any stores, really)
3. Foam – Hardware stores
4. Bubble Wraps – Any stationery store, hardware store or supermarket
5. Packing Peanuts – Hardware stores
6. Duct Tape – Any stationery store, hardware store or supermarket

How to pack?
    Odd-Shaped Toys – Start by wrapping them tightly with foam and then bubble wrapping them. This would ensure that the delicate or sharp ends do not get damaged. You can also pack these toys in small individual cardboard boxes if you wish. The examples for these toys would be action figures.
    Small toys or toy accompaniments – It is best to put these into plastic pouches that can be sealed. The example of such a toy would be a small car.
    Art Supplies – They are not the best things to ship because of leakage risks but if there are some things that you absolutely have to ship, make sure that the art items are sealed adequately with plastic films and duct tape.
    Soft Toys – They are the easiest as they are not fragile. Just make sure you put them in plastic bags to save them from getting dirty in the cardboard box.
    Large Toys – Make sure you dismantle properly and depending on the shape and size of each unit in a toy, pack the units together or separately. For example, in case of a jigsaw puzzle, its best to put everything in a cardboard box, preferably the one it came in and seal the box. In case of some other toys which have complicated parts, you can consider packing those separately in seal-able plastic pouches.
     Expensive toys or limited edition valuable toys – Follow all the rules for delicate toys as mentioned above, just make sure to buy additional insurance for such toys. An example for such a thing would be a gaming console or something like that.
    Books – Wrap them in foam and bubble wraps using good amounts of duct tape.


Putting everything together:
1.    Choosing the right cardboard box - New boxes are recommended, but if you reuse an old-box make sure it is sturdy enough, with no holes, tears or dents.
2.    If you are packing toys for shipping, it is recommended to line the cardboard box with crushed packing paper and tissues.
3.    Start with filling the cardboard box first with larger, sturdier toys or books at the bottom.
4.    Internal cushioning of the box - Foam padding and packing peanuts will fill up the empty space left between the items and it will prevent them from shifting inside the box.
5.    Don't use a box which is too big for the items placed inside, even if you use enough cushioning material, the stacking strength will be reduced.
6.    Sealing the cardboard box - Use enough duct tape and seal all the sides of the box. Apply at least three strips of tape evenly and cover all the flaps and seams on the top and the bottom. Use strapping for the heavier boxes.

Things to remember before shipping:
1.    Make sure that you have emptied water from toys like water guns before you begin packing.
2.    Avoid empty spaces in the cardboard box: Gently shake the box to make sure the items don’t move inside. This will ensure the tent is packed securely inside.
3.    Measure the dimensions of the cardboard box accurately before placing the order for shipping, as this information will be required for calculating the shipping prices.
4.    Make sure that the actual weight and dimensions of the package do not exceed what you placed the order for.
5.    Check with the shipping services provider if you need to print and put labels on the package or if the pickup guys will bring it.
6.    Do not forget to put specifications on heavy boxes, for example, if the package is heavy, then put a note that it may not be easily lifted by one person.
7.    Place the order for shipping at least 2 days before your departure from the location, just to avoid risks in the end.
8.    Try to be even faster in sending shipments during the festive periods.

As you can see from the pointers, knowing how to pack toys and books for shipping safely requires a bit of planning, just like packing any other things. With that extra effort, you will take care of it easily.
We are sure that this article has inspired you to pack and ship toys and books securely. This way, you won’t be careless about things that have sentimental value for you or your kids. 

If you still have any doubts about how to pack toys and books for shipping, Courierpoint 's packing and shipping experts are always there to help you.

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