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Parcel delivery to Sweden

Sweden is synonymous for blond hair, blue eyed beauties, friendly people and of course the world dominating furniture store IKEA. They also boast very strong public finances, impeccable banking system, political stability and a fantastic economy designed to help businesses thrive.

And yes, you guessed it, Courierpoint are there to deliver anything you need to this beautiful land in Europe.

Such a modern open country as Sweden allows business to soar and helps international businesses to become partnerships and grow in their domestic country.

We ship so much business back and forth from this Scandinavian country and the stats show it will just continue to grow.

That being said it is imperative that you have access to this market when shipping products to Sweden, and Courierpoint can make that happen just for you.

Courierpoint is the company you go to, when you want to make sure your package is delivered on time, professionally and at the most affordable price.

Trust us we are here for you. Sending to Sweden? Choose Courierpoint. For a safe arrival.


Cheap Parcel to Sweden

See how cheap and competitive our rates are for sending documents and parcels to Sweden.

Parcel Weight Price Quote & Book
0.5 KG Letter to Sweden £41.05 Quote & Order
1.0 KG Letter to Sweden £50.02 Quote & Order
5.0 KG Package to Sweden £76.93 Quote & Order


Sending to Sweden

You may think that by using a postal service such a Parcelforce, you are able to get the cheapest price for sending your parcel to Sweden, or by booking directly with one of the large trusted branded international couriers. Well there is an alternative!

Courierpoint.com can offer the services of the large branded, trusted couriers, to collect, route and deliver to Sweden, at discounted prices. As we are one of the largest UK authorised courier resellers, we qualify for large discounts that we pass onto our clients.

Best of both worlds, cheap prices and reliable services. Just look at some of the reviews to see how clients have found working with us.




Shipping to Sweden

We offer a wide range of shipping services for sending consignments throughout Sweden. These include road shipping options for heavier items and freight through to air express services for next day documents and parcels. Whatever you need to ship to Sweden, compare our prices before deciding whom to use. We can save you money and provide the perfect solution.


Large parcel to Sweden

We can move parcels up to 65 kilos in weight per piece or up to 1000 kilos if they are palletised. This enables us to offer businesses that export heavy or large items options for delivering their goods to clients throughout Sweden. Just get in touch for a personal quotation to move your unusual items.

Fast delivery to Sweden

If you need to send a document or many parcels to Sweden from the UK, we can offer you the perfect service. We only work with the large branded international couriers that you can trust. They will collect, route and deliver your shipment door to door, and because we qualify for large discounts, we can offer very competitive prices for their services delivering next working day throughout Sweden with the option to upgrade for earlier delivery to Stockholm. 


Courier to Sweden

We specialise in providing courier services to Sweden at the best possible prices. Our air express courier service will deliver urgent documents next working day throughout Sweden. We also offer a slower economy courier service for heavier items where transit time is not as urgent.

Luggage to Sweden

We can send your luggage to and from Sweden and move many suitcases for students who are studying in the UK. All on our economy 2-3 working day road service. Whatever you need to move, you can get an instant quote online or give us a call for more information.


Pallet to Sweden

We can move pallets up to 1000 kilos each, via our economy road service to locations throughout Sweden. Your pallets can be tracked and this is a door to door service. Deliveries to main cities throughout Sweden are made within 3-5 working days. All pallet quotes are bespoke, so please contact customer service for your competitive quotation.


Gifts to Sweden

You are able to send gifts of any value from the UK to Sweden, as both countries have a free trade agreement, and therefore no import duty or taxes will be charged.

Personal belongings to Sweden

We have helped many people moving to and from Sweden, to sending personal possessions between the UK and Sweden. We can offer very competitive rates for people relocating and will monitor all your parcels whilst in transport for your peace of mind.


Cheapest parcel delivery service to Sweden

The cost of sending a parcel to Sweden from the UK has several factors that will each effect the cost:

1. The size of your parcel. The larger it is, the more expensive it will cost to move. The same is true of the weight of a parcel. As larger and heavier items may require more people to move it and it will take up more vehicle space whilst in transit.

2. Where it is going to within the delivery country. Delivering to main cities in Sweden will cost less than sending a delivery driver to a remote location. The more remote a delivery location is, the longer the transit time generally is.

3. The type of service that you book affects the cost. A fast, next day air express delivery service costs more than a slower economy road delivery service.

4. Do you require the driver to come and make a collection from your home, or will you drop the parcel off at a central depot or drop off point. Generally, if you drop a parcel off at a depot you will save the cost of having collected.

5. The higher the amount of liability cover you need, the more it will cost the carrier to provide and hence the higher the total cost of your shipment will have.


Import from Sweden

If you need to import documents or boxes from Sweden into the UK, we have the perfect solution. We can arrange for branded carrier to collect your goods and deliver them back into the UK by air express or a slower economy service at huge discounts. Just get in touch for your quotation.


Sweden Shipping Reviews

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