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Parcel Delivery to Asia

Asia is the largest and most populated continent. Located in the Northern and Eastern hemispheres, it covers an area of 44.8 million km². 48 countries make up the continent of Asia with a population of 4.463 billion.

The region has an incredible number of rich living languages, nearly 2,300 different languages spoken. 

With the region being so big, it boasts stunning scenery ranging from wild jungles, mountain ranges, lush flatlands and dry arid deserts. The weather in parts is melting hot to bitter cold with snow in others.

Asia is a very diverse region renowned for its wonderfully rich and traditional foods. Chinese, Indian, Thai, Nepalese and Japanese Sushi are just a few of the wonderful foods you need to try at least once.

Courierpoint regularly delivers mail to Asia and we only chose the best and most reliable courier services. You can post your parcels to Asia with confidence and at a price, we know you will love. Contact us today for a quote. We make an overseas delivery feel like it’s only a street away.


Cheap Parcel to Asia

See how cheap and competitive our rates are for sending documents and parcels to these destinations in Asia.

Country Flag Price Quote & Book
Parcel to China Courier to China £36.02 Quote & Order
Parcel to Hong Kong Courier to Hong Kong £32.48 Quote & Order
Parcel to India Courier to India £32.48 Quote & Order
Parcel to Japan Courier to Japan £36.02 Quote & Order
Parcel to Singapore Courier to Singapore £32.48 Quote & Order


Sending to Asia

Working with the biggest and best international couriers, we are able to offer their reliable services for deliveries throughout Asia at discounted prices. This gives our clients access to the fastest international air express services to Asia, delivering to some cities in only two working days. Perfect for urgent samples to Hong Kong or financial documents to Singapore. We specialise in supplying international courier services to businesses who need to be in regular contact with their suppliers, buying offices and staff members throughout Asia. We make this process cost-efficient and easy. Our quick quote tool enables you to easily compare transit times and costs to find the perfect service in seconds.


Asia Couriers




Asia Import Service

Whatever you need to import, from fabric in India through to personal possessions or gifts, we have a service that will meet your needs. The partnerships we have with the best-branded international couriers in Asia enable us to offer reliable import services to any destination in the UK. You can get an instant quote for your import and bring in documents, parcels or even freight. All supported by our award-winning customer service team, for your peace of mind.

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