• Why a local contact number is essential for your shipment?

    When a package travels or is in transit, there could be instances when the infromation declared on the paperwork is misleading or incorrect. To avoid any further delays due to these unforseen circumstances, a local contact number is required of both that of the person sending the package and that of the receiver. In some cases, the carrier/customs contact sender/receiver directly for the necessary information.

    In some cases the carrier is unable to deliver the package right away due the address beign classified as a "Remote area". When there is a delivery exception due to this reason, the carrier usually contacts the recipient to schedule a time frame for the package to be delivered to avoid a day gone in waste for the driver and your recipient. Nobody likes a wasted day, right?

    Sometimes customers provide for a number not classified as local to the destination country.

    This will automatically lead to the carrier marking it as "INVALID" on their interface. This simply means that the package could be returned, destroyed or disposed incurring all additional costs to the sender.

  • Why is a printer required?

    All our services require a printer to print out the label and other necessary paperwork, where applicable to your shipment. Shipping packages with any other package label other the one printed on our website may result in your package not being delivered or attracting additional charges.

  • What compensation do I get if my package is not delivered on time?

    The transit times against each service are guide transit times only and not guaranteed. The guide transit times are achieved in over 98% of our shipments, if a shipment does take longer to deliver than the guide transit time, no compensation is provided.

    Guide transit times are given by carriers to indicate the expected number of working days it should take for first attempt to deliver a document to the receive in a main city in the UK or overseas. This guide is only valid if the document is collected from a main city.

    The day the document is collected is not included in the number of working days quoted. For example, if the guide transit time is two days and your document is collected on a Thursday, delivery may be expected the following Monday if it is not a public holiday either in the UK or the destination country.

    Shipments other than documents that travel outside the E.U may be subject to customs procedures that are beyond the control of the carrier and any delays that may occur due to these are not included in the guide transit times.


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