Japan - commercial

Japan - commercial

As one of the biggest global economies, Japan makes up for around six percent of the world’s GDP. The country has quite a few companies in Fortune 500 index and until recently had the most millionaires per capita in Asia, which China managed to beat in recent years.

What Does All Of That Mean?

While it would be quite easier to send cheap international couriers to Japan after entering the market due to the country being a colony for many years, the challenges Japan presents are quite a few.

On the good side, as the standard of living in the country is high, there are more people able to afford a variety of different goods and services. Keep in mind that you would want to maximise your profits, thus using the services of a company like UPS would not be the best idea, considering their prices.

Japan has been a solid business partner to the UK for many years for both corporate giants and small businesses. Entering the Japanese market would open the doors for the whole region, and it would be the best option, due to a variety of different factors such as the stable business relationships, the stable political environment and the wealthy consumers willing to spend on quality goods.

Furthermore, the legal system works at full speed and holds the intellectual property at the highest standards. It is the world’s innovations hub, meaning the market is suitable for new technologies and overall trends as people are open minded and have the necessary disposable income to make the purchase.

The Challenges

All of that being said you would still need to approach the market with the utmost respect. Creating a valid marketing research would show you the options your company has to access the market as quick as possible.

The cultural differences are a huge factor which must be seriously taken into consideration. While selling and sending cheap parcel postage to India from UK might be somewhat simple, due to years of British influence in the area, the Japanese values are quite different.

You would have to be willing to commit to a long term relationship as well as be prepared to physically send staff members there to maintain your current business relationships as well as develop new ones in the variety of networking events which are held constantly.

Fortunately, the population is highly educated, and English has practically become the second language for the country, which will set aside a few bricks in the wall allowing you to conduct communication at a proper level. As a new exporter, it is best recommended that you find a local partner before entering

Future Growth

With the potential Free Trade Agreement and the constant economical growth in the country, entering the market would be also beneficial to your country as you will take advantage of the latter and grow with them. The FTA would have a huge impact positive impact for all UK exporters but is yet to be signed.


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