Portugal is a mecca for golfers, all of whom would rather use their own golf clubs than hire ones when they are abroad. Airlines in particular know this and charge extortionate fees when you take your golfing equipment with you. This is where Send My Bag can help.

Courierpoint can collect your golf clubs, heavy luggage or bulky items straight from your home and deliver them to your destination ready for you to use straight away. You will no longer have the hassle of carting your heavy equipment around the airport, having to pay a huge excess baggage fee or having to arrange special transfers.

It's not just holidaymakers who need to get their possessions to Portugal. Many students choose United Kingdom as their place of study, either for their full course or for just a term or internship. Or students might decide to spend their third year abroad teaching Portuguese ina n English school. Students will need to send several bags of their possessions to Portugal in order to move home after they have completed their study. This allows them to bring with them many more of their things than if they only brought what they could check into the plane's hold (which could work out very expensive); given the excess baggage fee they would have to pay.

The transit times for our services to Portugal differ depending on the service provider and are usually to the main cities and towns, if the carriers classify your delivery address as a remote area; there is usually a Remote Area surcharge. 

Certain goods are prohibited, restricted or unsuitable, which means they cannot be sent by courier or can only be sent under strict terms and conditions. Prohibited goods are not covered for loss or damage regardless of whether extra insurance is purchased at the time of booking. Restricted and unsuitable goods have limited international shipping options and limited insurance cover.


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