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Parcel delivery to Italy

Italy is all about food, art, good weather and style. British businesses however have an interest in Italian companies and customers as well. The online sales platforms had a great impact on the sales volume and parcels shipped from UK to Italy.

Courierpoint is keen to provide British businesses with the best and cheapest rates for shipments to this destination. We can keep our prices competitive thanks to our bulk buying discounts from international branded couriers such as: FedEx, TNT and DHL. Moreover, all the shipments can be tracked online and have to be signed for at the delivery address so the sender can be sure the shipment was properly delivered.


Cheap Parcel to Italy

See how cheap and competitive our rates are for sending documents and parcels to Italy.

Parcel Weight Price Quote & Book
0.5 KG Letter to Italy £15.21 Quote & Order
1.0 KG Letter to Italy £15.21 Quote & Order
5.0 KG Package to Italy £15.21 Quote & Order


Sending to Italy 

Our services to Italy are door to door. Your parcels or packets will be collected, routed and delivered by one of the largest international courier services in the world. At each stage of your shipment’s journey, parcels are scanned and this information is updated in real time to our website. Clients can type into our website tracking screen and get instant information on the status of any shipment sent. We can also send an optional email to the receiver so that they know the parcel number of your shipment and they can also track the delivery of their parcel.




Compare shipping quotes to Italy

Using our quick quote button on the website and with your shipment’s weight and dimensions, you can quickly check the best services and rates for your parcels.


Large parcel to Italy

Our services do not limit our customers to 20 kg parcels. We can send packages with the weight up to 65kg per parcel on our standard services, or up to 1000 kg per piece if sent on palletised services. No matter the weight and the size of your parcels, all travel with trusted carriers and are fully trackable.

Fast delivery to Italy

Air Express services can deliver from the UK to Italy in one working day as standard. We have upgrade options that enable your urgent documents and parcels to be delivered by specific earlier times usually in the morning depending on the exact delivery location. All fully tracked and monitored by us.


Courier to Italy

We can courier documents and parcels from anywhere in the UK directly to any part of Italy. Air courier services will deliver in just one working day, and be routed through some of the best international couriers such as DHL and UPS. All at unbeatable discounted prices, so get in touch for your personal quote now.


Shipping to Italy

We provide with air and road services for your parcels and pallets shipped to Italy. Our couriers are ready to collect your freight from your commercial address on any working day. If you are in doubt of the best service for your shipments, you can always get in touch with us and our experienced customer service team will help you with your queries.

As you are sending internationally and the journey time is longer than for a domestic shipment, we recommend that all sender use additional packaging inside their boxes. If the contents of a shipment are damaged, the carriers will only accept a claim for damage if the parcel has been damaged on the outside and that they can see pictures of this damage and pictures of the internal packaging. We make sure all this information is clearly explained on our website and by telling clients how it is, we have built up an excellent level of trust. In fact, before you send a parcel with Courierpoint.com we would like you to look at some of our reviews. We are very proud that we have a five-star rating from our clients; please see a selection of reviews for our parcel to delivery services to Italy.

With the increase in online sales and the worldwide market places that Amazon and eBay have become, British retailers are now supplying their products direct to Italian buyers. It is not usually the mass-produced products that buyers will see in all supermarkets and high streets around the world. But the small handmade arts and craft type products that buyers are searching for. An example is the handmade cable knitwear from Scotland that gets sold to clients throughout the world looking for specialist items.

Also, the UK has a high-tech manufacturing business that supplies the world with some niche-patented products, such as radar equipment for the large super yachts manufactured in Italian boat yards. Whatever the product is that you want to sell, and then have delivered into Italy, we can help.


Pallet to Italy

You can easily send a pallet with us and our great customer service team will help you with that. All you need to know is the weight and dimensions so we can provide you with the most suitable quote for your pallet. The pallet can be sent on an economy or express service and you can track it all the way to the delivery point.


Gifts to Italy

You can send gifts to Italy by road or air and currently there are no import duty or taxes on the goods sent from the UK into an EU country. Top Tip: remember to check the restricted and prohibited items lists for your selected service so that you can be sure you are sending contents that are allowed to travel on it. 


Personal belongings to Italy

You can now easily ship your personal possessions to Italy from UK or the other way around. Our experienced couriers will take care of your items from the collection point all the way to the destination. Each customer is also able to track their own shipment online at any time on our company website or on our couriers websites.


Drop Off Service for parcel to Italy

If you are planning to ship a small parcel or a letter and you cannot wait for the driver to collect it, we have a special drop off service which allows our customer to drop off the parcels at the closest point to their home or office address. All you have to do is make sure your parcel is ready packed and you have the labels and drop off point instructions printed out.


Cheapest parcel delivery service to Italy

The price of your parcel is influenced by several factors such as:

- Actual weight and volumetric weight of your shipment. If you are shipping a big box the couriers will charge you more because of the space the package takes inside the van or aircraft. The same happens if you are shipping heavy boxes, the courier has to cover the additional operation cost.

- The transit time which is longer for any economy service and quicker for express services due to the fact that the shipments travel by air and not by road. The express service for documents to main cities like Rome, Turin and Milan is delivered within one working day or usually within two working days if it is a remote area.

- The area in Italy the shipment goes to. Each carrier has their own area postcode classification; hence some addresses would be categorized as remote areas and the price is higher.


Import from Italy

If you have to ship documents, parcels, suitcases or pallets from Italy to UK we can help you with the imports as well. You can choose between an economy or express service depending on your budget and on the urgency of the shipment.


Italy Shipping Reviews

Our Shipping to Italy services are rated 5 Star