Denied Parties

Denied Parties

What is denied parties screening?

A denied party is an individual or Organisation that is subject to sanctions imposed by the United Nations, European Union, United States or another relevant authority. It is strictly prohibited for Courierpoint or any of our carriers to transport goods or documents on behalf of or directly to these individuals or organisations.

What is the sanctions listing?

This is a list created by Governments or International Organisations such as the EU or UN of known denied parties that are prohibited from shipping goods or documents around the world. People or Organisations can appear on the sanctions list for many different reasons but two obvious reasons are known links to terror and a history of drug smuggling.

How are denied parties identified?

If for example; if DHL receive a consignment from us that has incomplete consignee details then DHL may flag this as a potential denied parties shipment and the shipment could be held for full address and contact details. If this happens then DHL will proactively contact us at Courierpoint and say that a shipment has been held for a denied parties scan (to avoid this always supply complete names and addresses on all shipments).

What happens if their is a denied parties match?

If there is a match between the denied party and the shipper or recipient on the paperwork then we may be contacted by DHL and asked to contact the shipper of the goods to provide further information to release the goods. In the majority of cases this is simply where the consignees name may match someone on the denied parties list and is therefore simply cleared up by obtaining the consignees passport details to prove that they are not the denied party on the list.

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What can I do to avoid my shipments getting stuck in denied parties?

If you ensure that any parcels you send have the consignees full name and address and contact details then you should have done enough to ensure that you do have parcels end up in denied parties but occasionally there are cases where a passport number may be needed to confirm that your consignee is not the denied party on the list.


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