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Courierpoint offers cheap delivery services for large items. We will arrange for a courier to come to your door to collect, route and deliver large items up to 280 cm in length. Send your large and heavy parcels with branded couriers, who have specialist services to move them. We can deliver to both commercial and residential addresses. We can collect single items up to 65 kilos in weight that are not palletised and items up to 1000 kilos if they are secured on a pallet. For any fragile shipments we recommend palletising the goods to minimise movement in transit.


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Cheap Large Parcel Delivery UK

Our prices for sending large parcels are some of the cheapest on the internet. They could lower your delivery costs, as these are typically items that many carriers are not set up to handle and therefore charge a large premium, when they do move them. Due to our bulk buying from a range of carriers, we have access to domestic and international couriers who are equipped to move large items and do not therefore add a huge surcharge onto the work.

The easiest way to get a price for sending large or unusual sized items is to enter the size and weight into our courier quote tool and then you will have instant access to instant rates for our reliable carriers.


How to send a large parcel

Moving a large parcel does not need to be difficult. Courierpoint makes the process easy as you can place your order online and we will schedule a collection from your home or office. Just follow these easy steps.

  1. Pack your large item correctly. Make use of our guide
  2. Take accurate measurements of your packed parcel
  3. Weigh your packed parcel
  4. Enter the size and weight into our parcel quote calculator
  5. Choose your service and book your collection
  6. Print the shipping labels and customs paperwork
  7. Secure these documents in a shipping pouch to the parcel (If you do not have one, the driver will have one with him on collection)
  8. Hand over the parcel to the collection driver

Top Tip: Once you have printed out the shipping label and attached it on the box. Take photos or a video of the parcel with the label on and then with a tape measure on the parcel showing the size and again on scales showing the weight. This will ensure that if the carrier records a different size or weight for you parcel, you have some evidence that you can use to dispute their records.


Large Parcel Postage

Sending large items by post can work out expensive. Especially if you have international clients where the delivery cost may be prohibitive. However, Courierpoint can help with our economical delivery services for moving large items, both domestically and internationally.

We have discounted international postage prices for large items with some of the best domestic and international couriers. Internationally, we can deliver large parcels to over 200 countries worldwide, at competitive prices that you will not find expensive. Our prices can be up to 60% cheaper than Royal Mail.


International Large Parcel Postage

We can send large parcels to the four corners of the Earth. To access information on the cost and transit times of services that can move your items, simply complete our courier quote form. You can get results for sending shipments to Australia, Europe, America, Asia, and throughout the Middle East.

For heavier items around Europe, we offer a range of Europe by Road economical options and these can also be used by palletised items up to 1000 kg in weight.


What large items can I ship?

Over the years, we have moved many different types of products for businesses and individuals from antiques through to beds and everything in between. From car parts, alloy wheels, to computer equipment. Whatever you need to send, we probably have a service that is right for you. Our top tip is to always check the prohibited and restricted goods list for any service that is of interest, just to be sure that they will accept the goods, and understand what you liability cover is, as we do not what any surprises later on.

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