Luggage shipping

Luggage shipping

Low cost airlines are getting bigger. Everyone uses them because of their low fares as compared to larger airline companies. It is also convenient for passengers that end up saving money. But as ironic as it may sound, the whole idea of saving does you just the opposite. Passengers end up paying for more instead. How? We will explain in this article, keep reading on.

First of all, let us see why these airlines are low cost or budget carriers. Carriers who call themselves "low-cost or budget carriers" are using some really clever tricks to lower the operational costs of the airline. Some of these ideas include and are not limited to:

One single travelling class 
No use of transfer tickets (less cost of luggage to be handled at the airports, hence; fewer airport taxes)
Online check tickets and online check-in 
Luggage fees and luggage weight restrictions
Use of secondary airports (usually located far off from the cities)

We always rather wonder why the need to control weight of luggage so strictly. Why is the baggage allowance so severe with the airlines? Why are they cutting on optional equipment on the plane? The answer is easy; airline companies charge for extra kilograms and for a second suitcase as a way of spending less money on fuel during the flight. Thus; it is better for you to ship your suitcases when flying with these airlines.

This is the biggest trick of low-cost airlines. Almost all passengers have been victims of these strict measures unless people are going for short trips and no heavy luggage is needed. Lately, normal airlines are also getting stricter on luggage allowance and weight. Some of them are adapting their low-cost competitors’ measures.

What is the solution to the problem? Just ship through Courierpoint luggage shipping services to avoid any additional costs at the airport and you could save up to 40% compared to the cost of easyjet baggage fees. Not only will you save money, you will save energy too! Thanks to our door to door service, our courier driver will pick your baggage up from your door and deliver to your door that not even airlines have. With Courierpoint, you can free yourself from all baggage carrying and stress issues.


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