USA - food

USA - food

We are often asked if it is possible to send food over the USA. Family and friends often want to send over gifts of local home foods to reduce feelings of missing home.

The simple answer is yes, with some specific restrictions. Usually food that is sent into the USA from the UK, needs to be approved by the Federal Food and Drug Administration in America before it will be allowed into the USA. This is to ensure that all food stuffs sold confirm to their health and safety standards, and are suitable for sale in their Country.

However there is an exception to this rule, for gifts of food.

If your shipment of food is:-

1, Being sent from a private individual – not a company.

2, Being sent from a residential address – not a commercial address.

3, Is addressed to a specific private individual – not a business.

4, Is addressed to a residential address (not a company address).

5, Is declared as a personal gift not for resale.

6, Is a small quantity of food(s).

7, Is store bought food that is sealed.

Then FDA approval of the foods is not needed under an exception listed on their website. You can see more details of this exception here on the US food and drug administration website:-

It is important to note that whilst this permits gifts of food to be sent, it does not allow other normal regulations to be waived. For example Alcohol can only be imported into the USA if you have the correct permits, so do include this if your receiver is not registered to import alcohol.

The only other restriction to check is with specific couriers, for example TNT will not carry liquids, whereas FedEx and DHL will.

As long as you declare the value of your shipment under 100US$ and the receiver does not receiver other gifts on the same day that total above 100US$ then no import duty will be due.

Courierpoint are authorised resellers of branded courier services, and we can offer their services at discounted prices rates for sending gifts of food to the USA. Depending on the service selected delivery can be between 1 – 5 workings days from collection.

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Once you have selected a service to use, our simple booking system will produce the labels and all the paperwork needed for your delivery to go smoothly through customs and be delivered. If you have any questions, please contact customer service, we are here to help.

How to send commercial food shipments into the USA

All commercial food samples and bulk shipments can only enter the USA if they are on the approved

list held by the FDA. Products need to be tested and approved before they are allowed into the USA. You can visit the FDA website for more information on how to get a product listed as approved.

Once your product is on the FDA approved list, you need to go on their website prior to shipment of your goods and raise a prior notification of shipment to them, and they will provide a reference number back.

When you despatch your goods, declare them as commercial, include the FDA prior notification on your invoice, and the goods will travel as normal. In addition to clearing customs and any import duty being raised the shipment will be approved for delivery by the FDA and this process can add a few days onto the transit time.

Courierpoint offers a range of carrier services that can move your commercial food shipments from the UK into the USA by air. For more information please contact customer service, we are here to help.



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