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FedEx Delivery Services

Delivering more than packages, FedEx is built on delivering an outstanding customer experience at every stage of the process. This philosophy has helped them to grow to company with $69.2 Billion in revenue annually. They employ over 500,000 staff and operate in more than 220 countries enabling their express division that we work with to move roughly 6 million shipments each working day.

Having FedEx services available within Courierpoint gives you the opportunity to send parcels and documents internationally using their fast International priority service. This services delivers quickly and reliably around the world, even delivering next day to the USA with many zip codes having before 10 am.

If you are interested in sending parcels around the UK or internationally then a Courierpoint Account will give you access to their services at preferential rates. Our bulk buying allows us pass on discounts that many businesses would fine difficult to otherwise obtain.


FedEx Commerce Solutions

Our Free e-commerce platform allows you to manually or automatically select shipments to be sent with FedEx. Save time and process FedEx shipments from the following platforms:


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Our FedEx deliveries are rated 5 Stars